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 I am Nicole Bataclan, 

Here is a collection of my original writings from 2006 onwards. You will find poetry, essays and aphorisms. My main interests are society and culture, life experiences, techno music, traveling, relationships and the subtlety of emotions. The ordinary is my inspiration for my writing and I pride myself on writing each piece with heart and passion. The different genres are listed on the right side bar and do not forget to check out The favorites (above) as well. Please read the following excerpt in order to get a better insight. Thank you so much for taking your time and please feel free to rate, like, comment, share or conact me. Feedback welcome! Enjoy! 

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About this site
... Celebrating the ordinary

The Writings of Nicole Bataclan celebrate the utmost ordinary: she eulogizes the rapturous and enigmatic -- but sometimes fragile -- beauty of it. Simultaneously, her aim is to uncover the confusing yet essential truths of everyday life as well. Soulful and honest, Nicole Bataclan writes poetry from the heart, comments on society and culture, analyses human emotions and relationships, reviews literature music and art; and comes up with her own aphorisms from mere observation.