About Nicole Bataclan

➻  Poet. Essayist. Aphorist. ➻

"I write like I breathe"

I developed an interest in writing early on. It all began when I got my first diary at the age of eleven. I would not only write about my feelings, thoughts and day-to-day happenings, but I started to experiment with poetry and writing short stories as well. Over the years, I became more and more fascinated with words and took pleasure in learning new ones every day, understanding them, playing with them. My journal became my closest companion; writing a true passion.

I dabbled in other areas but realized that writing was more than what I like to do; it is who I am. So I found my way back to the pen and soon enough, my French, Italian and English professors awakened my love for literature. Studying IronyLiterary Theories, Figures of Speech or Genres made me an avid fan. I grew a special fascination for the Bildungsroman in particular. I thoroughly enjoy reading Henry David Thoreau, Elena Ferrante, Charles Baudelaire, Lena Dunham, Gustave Flaubert, Michael Faudet, Andrew Marvell and Charles Bukowski. Moreover, only to name a few, my favorite books include "A Different Drummer" by William Melvin Kelley, "The Virgin Suicides" by Jeffrey Eugenides, "The Buddha of Suburbia" by Hanif Kureishi, "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde, "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams and "Ermita" by F. Sionil Jose.

It is in 2006, given one’s opportunity to share his/her work online, that I decided to show some of my writings to the public. It was a thrilling idea for me to establish my own page where I was free to write about different subjects that were dear to my heart or caught my attention. It is the platform where I also let my creativity flow. Luckily enough, people started visiting my site and my readership promptly grew (still growing?). Then in December 2009, I purchased my own domain.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in French and English language and literature from the University of Zurich and am currently working as a Translator and Copywriter at DeinDeal AG in Zurich. Beforehand, I was a Project Manager in Media Sales and Content Marketing at Smart Media AG. In parallel to my studies, I completed an internship at Andes Publishing GmbH as an Editorial Assistant and worked as a Junior Content Editor at FOC World AG. In 2010 and 2011, I was made Bureau Editor in Zurich for Roots&Wings - A Magazine for Filipinos in Europe. Furthermore, my work has been published on various websites and projects. I am always open to new opportunities and am available for freelance work. 

I am eager to explore writings of all kinds, but I tamper mostly with poetry, essays, creative nonfiction and literary criticism. I come up with my own aphorisms as well. I am a culture-junkie, obsessed with details and interested in the complexity of human relationships and emotions. My topics range from the ordinary to music to analyzing current events and art. I am also known for addressing sensitive subjects -- whether I express my sentiments about them in poetry or in essay writing. All in all, one could describe my writing as honest and soulful.

What I promise my readers is: words of love and comfort, a little fun and distraction, some insight and wisdom. I do my best to deliver a good read. Furthermore, The Writings of Nicole Bataclan is interactive, and I am always very grateful for every comment, like and rating I get. I incite my readers to stop and reflect and in the end, I hope they will find ways to recognize beauty in the ordinary through my words. 

Words are my first love. Words are my great love. Words are my only love. 

                         Truly yours,

                                  Nicole Bataclan