Tuesday, March 26, 2013


She will wear
Jeans with holes
She will swear
If one annoys
She will flaunt
Her blow dried hair
Which she took
An hour
To prepare

She will fight 
You with fists
She will not
Be intimidated 
When there is
A feast
Her favorite film
Is Scarface
She will shed
A tear
When a hero
Falls from grace

She will drink
The bottle of wine
She will work out
To keep her line
She loves looking
Like a a doll
She will beat
You at football
Her cute quirks
Will amaze
And her underwear
Is always lace

A woman
With a girly
A woman
Whom guys
Can call dude
She is not
She is both
The girl next door
And one
They at times

You will
Try to fit her
In a box
But why
Would you ever
To tame a fox

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I do not wish to reduplicate
From you and the past
I want to break
However, I reckon
I am attracted
To the same facets

All I have been inclined to
The last couple of months
Is stop being reminded of you
But what seems to 
Entice me
Bits and pieces of you
In another individual
I see.

How can I start anew
When deep in my heart
All I still desire is you
My heart
Set on ice and fire
Is history
Then why am I doing
A photocopy.

It is not deliberate
But what seduces me  
Are colors of a similar palette
How am I to let go
If still submerged in shadow
Though I know it is another person
Am I following
An identical pattern.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let us talk about the weather

There comes a time We should move past Talking idly About weather Headlines and topics Which are popular Has it come to that point We could let our guard down Opening a window Earning a glimpse into the soul Discovering sides That are more personal That line disappears Between the safe sphere And everything that is deep Now we scrutinize What ticks you off How you get to love And we assess Whether we will get along Within the premise of our worlds We are all acquaintances Tested to be a confident Not all deserve Sincere attachement But unless we take That step That moment in time Specific without end From being a contact To becoming a friend That is all we will consider Weather, the trivial And everything that is proper.

It is yesterday

It is yesterday
That carves today
It is yesterday
That molds this way

How we get to feel
Decided upon
How the past is sealed

If we get to release
Solely hinges on
This former piece.

It is yesterday
That guides the present
It is yesterday
That steers this engine

Never was it the question
Whether or not
We shall abandon

The only concern
Is whether or not
We can change our opinion.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My heart is made of stone

Take a closer look
At the picture I took

Everything is the same
But can it be
 There is a latent possibility

That like I, that you descry
How one is shaped 
Just like a heart.

Could always conceive
My heart was made of stone
When unexpectedly
In the midst of them all
I found one laying on its own

One is solitary
Concealed and ignored
When looking at the horde

But bring your magnifying glass
There is a precious little gem
Buried in the mass.

Could always certify
My heart was made of stone
One should drop or hit
Ricochet off water
Yet each time
Unscathed once more

Why was it not softer
Long had I pondered
Arduous to carry
Such a heavy stone

But when I saw
This pretty one 
Located on the floor
My heart is made of stone

Not otherwise 
That is my wont.

Becoming scarce
But one day I know
One will take the same photo
And be glad 
This heart of stone
In the midst of them all
Had not another form. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013


It is the moment
Right before
When two are yet
Everything else
As the two
The limelight
How striking
Not even noticing
How their soul
All at once

The air is so tense
Any second
It could break
Any second
One could shake
The air is thick
 So thick
They almost
Cannot take it.

They exchange words
But their bodies
They make love
With the eyes
Two lives capsized
Reaching the heights
Without even
A touch.

It is the moment
Right before
Two lovers
Set on fire
Is never
A mystery
Why two
The love that is
That is the love
... Desire.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

As white as snow

The silence is gripping
And I know at this second
God is giving me a moment
To seize it in its integrity.

The fresh air that I breathe
I find my inner peace
There is nothing else I seek
As the sun clasps my cheeks.

Now my soul is as white as snow
And this way, sometimes narrow
Though I see footprints on the floor
It is still my own footsteps I draw.

The sky has never been so blue
Suddenly, it is the world I review
I am so little facing all this splendor
And all I hope is my writing can mirror.