Sunday, October 28, 2012

This is goodbye

This is what it comes down to
Bubble-wrapped memories, 
The last couple of years
Hoarded in bags and boxes too. 

As they take away the last one
I stare at the now empty rooms,
Fragments of my life I vacuum
And the knot in my heart tightens.

Moments flash before my eyes
Day after day, home is smiles and sighs,
People and dinners I welcomed
Even bad times, and there were some.

This is it, this is goodbye
The next chapter of life to untie,
A little pinch as I am about to let go
But it is time to open other windows. 

I remove my name from the mailbox
Fully aware that it is the final task,
I close the door to the past
Getting new keys for new locks.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We want the gadget
That does it all
Connects us at all times
Protected from a fall.
From now on,
No one is out of reach
In our free time
It even has the ability to teach:
The quote of the day
News incoming 
Throughout the day
Pop-ups in a constant state
Do not have to check
It is the notifications alert
That we set.
Why look any further
Carry in our pockets
One or two things heavier
It also works as a camera,
A map if we get lost
A game center when we are bored.
This lovely little package
Wrapped in multifunctional;
Nothing it cannot offer
That one that gives us all --
Is it not
Precisely what we want
An ideal all-in-one? 

The gadget that does it all
That has made everything
So accessible;
We want the same in people
Someone that has it all
The ideal all-in-one
Trying to materialize
The perfect person.
Answering our needs
The looks that we fancy
But still entertaining
And put on silent 
When it is inconvenient
Then expected
To succeed

But where is the fun
In the easier version
Who needs perfection
When there is
A specialized version?
The one
That may not have all things
But does that one thing
In excellent condition.
A camera
That takes
Professional ones
An intellect
That sprinkles
The conversation
A stereo
That plays music
In high-definition
A sensible soul
 That spreads
His recollections.
To be ideal
Is to simplify
To simplify
is not ideal --
So rather look for
Someone special
Than an all-in-one. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Some days are good
Some days are better
Here indulging for hours
In this heaven of food

Wine keeps pouring
Our words sweeten it
Pleasuring the spirit
And bothered by nothing

With every single sip
And mouthful delight
Renewing the relationship
Each time we take a bite

Some days we survive
Some days we twist the knife
At this table here to revive
The flavors of our life.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Street art

The city talks to me
Leaves me messages
I am here to revel in
Certain tags on a wall
A quote on the lamppost
Someone said it before
So I will not miss anything at all.

I keep my eyes wide open
Skimming in every direction
Daily surmise is that this art
Sent to me from there above.

The street is the canvas
Human behavior, the brush
And only the very few
Are smart enough to be imbued.

My city is adorned
Embraces me on wintry days
And enlightens
When it is only shadows that strays
Artists keep pointing out to me
It is because of what is left behind
That wonderful Z├╝rich still bewilders me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Background music

You have to speak louder
I can barely hear you
Come here,
Come a little closer.

You tilt your head
And as I feel your breath on me
I am about to lose my head.

Flushed, I nod and shudder
While gazing at your lips
And swiftly,
The background music just whispers.

The choice of your words
Love the sound of your voice;
The most enthralling noise I have ever heard.