What about this site?
I do my best to celebrate the utmost ordinary with my writing: capturing the marvel of a split second, a laugh, a crowded bus, a stubborn tear, a walk in the park, a feast, a phone call, etc. I eulogize the rapturous and enigmatic beauty of the ordinary. Simultaneously, I attempt to uncover the confusing yet essential truths of everyday life. Always soulful and honest, I write poetry from the heart and comment on society and culture, analyze human emotions and relationships, review literature, music and art, and come up with my own aphorisms from mere observation.

What are the recurrent themes?
The ordinary, the extraordinary, light/dark, sleep, the sun, experience, dreams, failure, magic, rise/fall, electronic music, passion, strangers, details, fear, memories, love, truth, coffee, trust, words, home, jazz, art, acceptance, modern women, silence, culture, tolerance, happiness, depression, vision, sex, inspiration, God, forgiveness, storytelling, change, friendship, family and freedom. 

What inspires Nicole Bataclan's writing the most? 
PEOPLE, a sunrise, a smile, a conversation, the eyes of another, eternal moments, raw emotions, everyday life, honesty, literature, minimalism, films, techno, travels and BERLIN. Furthermore, my greatest influences include Frida Kahlo, Amy Winehouse, Lena Dunham, John Frusciante, Charles Baudelaire, Brandon Stanton, Billie Holiday, Steve Jobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Jose Rizal, F. Sionil Jose, Richie Hawtin, Julie Delpy, Raul Midon, Karl Marx, Karl Lagerfeld, Anthony Graves, Erykah Badu, Marlon Brando, Andy Warhol, Melvin E. Kelley, Al Gore and my mother, Victoria Bataclan.

What is behind the nickname noupa*?
A lot of people wonder where noupa* comes from. First of all, it derives from the longer name Noupachoups: a combination of my two favorite nicknames. My sister, Muriel Bataclan, calls me Nounou and one of my close friends, Melanie Razonable, found (Chou)pachoups fit me perfectly.  Since then, I know *noupa is as much my name as Nicole.

What about Copyright?
Once again, I want to thank all my readers for visiting my site (whether you stumbled upon it once or stay tuned on a regular basis!). The only thing I request in return: please do not commit any plagiarism! If you want to use my ideas or words in any way, do not forget to quote me and/or put a link to my website! Not only would I appreciate that very much, but it will even make me extremely proud! 

Thank you! Grazie! Tack! Takk! Danke! Salamat! Merci!

Other questions?
Please send me an email at nicole@noupa.cafe