Monday, January 12, 2009

Cry baby

In this time and age, people complain about all sorts of things… all the time. Good complaining brings results and change, but bad complaining is a carousel of headaches: whether it is about work, love affairs, the weather, people, looks, the government, insecurities, routine, choices, reality and the whole unfair world. But more than often, I wonder why certain individuals actually complain although they possess this package of gifts to be really happy. Something close to everything. Or as it always is, just so it seems. And I am no different: blah blah blah about this and that for X and Y reasons. STOP IT, right? So what is out there to make us quit whining (even for a little while) and be content with the simple thought of even having these gifts a.k.a good deeds a.k.a. privileges a.k.a opportunities a.k.a. life? 

If complaints would be recorded on a tape, this is what one could do. A good start is to just press the stop button, and breathe in and breathe out. Nice feeling, huh? It’s the gift of life! Then, it is to press the rewind button and review the source of our many complaints. Quite a few seem unnecessary, huh? Nourish the good, learn to change/live with the bad! And finally, it is to press the play button for you are to be counting your blessings. There is a lot, huh? Thank God! 

Although it seems incredibly easy to do so, why still tend to forget and lose track? I came to realize that perhaps some of our dissatisfaction come from the fact that our perspective has changed in terms of having that special touch with what truly matters. The real thing. Not only is it a good idea to look deeper (over and over again) into some definitions like respect, help, beauty, morality and success, which might have lost their edge, but to be reminded (over and over again) of wanting/having these simple things which are actually written on our birthday card wishes every single year: health, happiness, get much love and all the best! Do we cherish our blessings enough? 

It is not meant to be just content with what you have and cannot work or wish more for our own lives (and this is what I consider good complaining), but to be thankful to be given hindrance and challenges, and be given what we’ve got : these gifts a.k.a good deeds a.k.a privileges a.k.a opportunities a.k.a life.  So once in a while, maybe everyday, such ordinary days, it is good to remember and come back to basics. Remember the reason why God has granted us this life, knowing where we are at and where to be making a change. Life filled with deserved respect, seeing beauty in everything, learning moral and good values, working for success, being very healthy and helpful, having “happy” happiness, full of love and all the best which we are blessed to own or/and long for. To complain about what we have might bring to nowhere, to complain about what we don’t have might bring to nowhere, to pray and work for it might bring us somewhere. Positive-thinking always works.