Sunday, January 11, 2009

Your Nobel Prize

The 10th of December is dedicated to a very special event: the award ceremony of the Nobel Prize. Since 1901, this Prize has been honoring men and women for their outstanding achievements in these different categories: Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Medicine, Literature and for work in Peace. This annual happening takes place in Stockholm, except for the Nobel Peace Prize which is awarded in the capital of Norway. The Man behind it all is Swedish scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, author and pacifist: Alfred Nobel (1833-1896). In other words, my “ideal” man.

My fascination for the Nobel was accentuated as I had the privilege to meet 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Muta Maathai, awarded for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace. That very sunny day in Oslo last June 2005 will remain with me forever... Such an amazing and inspiring woman! She's powerful yet so simple and down-to-earth! I then tell myself: I want to be just like THEM! And maybe someday, I’ll be in Scandinavia on December 10th to be getting my Nobel Prize.”

Thinking about the Nobel and its Laureates got me all smiling about the different persons who touch and influence our being, especially those who are capable of supporting and enriching some of our own wishes and dreams. And I realized how relevant it is for the young and forever-young to have mentors, coaches,… Role Models. It never occurred to me to be calling it idolizing or putting these certain individuals on a higher ground, since that would take away their humanity (and that is horrible/impossible to do!). But to simply consider it pure admiration. They – their words, their actions, their personality or their path - speak to us in one or even a thousand ways! Many whose names will perpetuate in our books and newspapers, others whose names will echo in our little hearts indefinitely. People we look up to. People we need to be guided by: Someone who sets example(s). Someone who believes. Someone who values. Someone who works hard. Someone who dreams. Someone who gives hope and courage. None other than…

…Our parents, our grand-parents, our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, our friends, our nannies, our teachers, our priests, our workers, our wives and husbands, our scientists, our children, our doctors, our missionaries, our soldiers, all our different artists, our athletes, our revolutionaries, our Nobel Prize Winners

…Our inspiration(s)!

Aren’t they just Ordinary People [always in courtesy of John Legend]… who just happen to be extraordinary ?!? Exactly… Name them close to our heroes.