Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Way Out

You wake up one morning and what would typically look like just any other day, something deep inside you feels quite different. Characterizing it as wrong would not be accurate, but somewhat more like unusual should describe this certain emotion. And suddenly, it hits you… hard. As it is the exact same sensation as when you stand so near a rail track and you feel the rapidity of the train pass right through you. Something bigger, as many would want to call it. You are late. It occurs to you that it can be caused by a thousand various reasons, but it can also imply one single ‘massive’ happening. You then get the test done as quickly as possible and there it is... Despite the fact that the instructions are obviously easy to read, no woman in this world is ever truly trained to get through those stripes without hesitation (but thanks to recent development, it now allows the result to be understood in plain English).
Wishing or awaiting this particular “consequence” is of course totally over-the-edge different from the impact of being SURPRISED by it. Astonished… Alarmed… completely frightened actually. Whether it was because of a small and so you thought insignificant “accident” or probably something else. As a matter of fact, one thing is sure: you did not ask for this. You don’t want this pregnancy and you cannot handle it… not right now at least. When the diverse possibilities that are offered to you ‘of how to deal with this kind of situation’ come to mind… considering this one so-called alternative is without delay also taken into account.
In today’s society, where the option of “ending life” has become legal and has taken an important place in numerous cultures and countries, de facto it still raises quite a lot of polemics on moral values and your stand on the subject. And it definitely should. No matter how advanced or modern the world is today, this issue will forevermore stay controversial. Being strongly opinionated about this topic, I cannot help but disagree and actually be very angry with the whereabouts of abortion. Knowing that the numbers of unborn children are increasing in time, it is revolting! How reckless can it get?
As stated above, there are simply too many reasons why one would get pregnant unintentionally, whether you were careful enough or not, sometimes letting it take effect unfortunately in bad procedures. It wasn't (entirely) my fault! But keep in mind that it is NEVER the child who committed the 'mistake'. As expected, it is evidently priority number 1 to think about the future: you still have plans for yourself and you are definitely not ready. How will you support your child financially, with or without the father by your side? Are you in control acknowledging the great yet immense responsibility of being a mother? And last but not least, will you be able to offer a good life to your kid? Too many questions, which each and every one demands an answer. And hopefully good ones. When you believe that you are put into a corner, you desperately want to break through. And you know you can. But in my opinion, even how exhausting and challenging these life-changing circumstances would be for you, and even how insecure the future looks like, choosing abortion is taking the easy way out.
Furthermore, it is now possible to check on the health of the baby during the early stages of the pregnancy. It is also an option to choose to terminate the fetus’ life if there appears to have a ‘handicap’. Some parents accept that solution. Once again, this is all about taking the easy way out. Not getting what you desire and you can just “zap” it off as if it were for your child’s and your own good sake! To think this will simplify your life! A crappy excuse. And simply unfair.
Exactly… it is unfair especially to this little being growing inside you. Some are convinced that the early (and not so early) cells of the embryo are not enough to properly define 'it' as being a “baby” yet, but it is. And it is yours. Would you like to bear the guilt of breaking not only your heart, but his/hers’ too? Being an adult gives you the consent to choose, but the child in your belly should of course have a VOICE as well. The right to be offered a chance to LIVE. Seeing, feeling, experiencing a pregnancy: won’t it always be the most beautiful gift GOD gave to women? So how can you possibly say NO to GIVING LIFE!?