Monday, January 12, 2009

Difference, difference... who are you?

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions,

perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.

Let him step to the music which he hears,

however measured or far away."

-Henry David Thoreau

Difference is the most intriguing thing. It is easy to see and explore; but often slightly harder to accept. We start off curious, and we usually end up with funny situations, awkward conclusions or even incredible fear! Yes, difference can enlighten or frighten us. Yet it is the basis that connects us: all societies, all families, all loves, every friendship and every encounter... In my opinion, it is not the similarities that make individuals get along with each other, but how they share their differences in perfect harmony! Every single one of us is different (and being different is what we ALL HAVE IN COMMON!), even if it is not what we seek to be. It is wonderful to be so-called normal and simple, as it is to be weird and complicated! I just think it's important to be who you are, and pick up the best out of the complexity of this word "difference".

I like this quote because it adds quite a sweet meaning to DIFFERENCE. As it may suggest, you ought to be different or what we usually call "not like the others"; but in my opinion, Thoreau underlines the fact that it's okay -- even greater, better -- to make a difference and follow your heart, regardless of the difficulty, fights or even absurdity that come with it. It doesn't even matter if people do not follow or understand you, but it is what you think is right. And in the best of cases, you might have inspired one or two with your different "...", your "difference"... and what would happen then? 

Important to note is a simple truth: being you IS being different. What matters most is the effect you make. It's how you deal with the cards you have in hand, it's how you charm with your uniqueness, it's how you dream, it's how you speak your mind, it's the wish to be good, it's how real and authentic your ideas are, it's the actions you decide to take... no matter the scale (but bigger is always better, right?) How trivial this may sound: we are all capable of generating quite the impact!

DIFFERENCE is one simple thing that forces me to want to make a DIFFERENCE!

Furthermore, being the gregarious person that I am made me realize how much I adore HUMAN BEINGS: to encounter and get to know all kinds of people! And I can say I am truly blessed and happy to have met so many creative and wonderful people all through my life! And it's just the beginning. I can't get enough.

Some are near...others are unfortunately only near my heart...Some are still sticking around... others now only exist in my memory. There are some who have made a change in history, others have made a difference in my own life. Either way, I am thankful to all those who contribute: those whom I admire, those who impress me, those who helped me grow through good (and even awful) experiences, those who helped me shape my beliefs and persona, those who hope more than I could ever see the limit, those who believe in me although my worst flaws, those whom I believe in although their worst mistakes, those who taught me the difference between right and wrong, those who have pushed me for the better... and especially those who just love to take this journey called life.

Embrace the DIFFERENCE. Want a better DIFFERENCE!

It's great to travel... and by that, I mean to travel with your soul.