Friday, April 29, 2011

Better than fiction

Love stories do not start the same
Yet they all end the classic way
Odd first encounter, then obstacles
Come credits, movie fades with wonder.

Sugar-coated films are to blame
Viewers listen to what they say
That love is worth a million battles
In the end, you'll find the right partner.

Romantics yearn for the Grand Finale
Optimists believe in Meant To Be's
Broken hearts curse the hurtful truth
And films try do define the rule.

Love the drama and the silly
Sick of the cheesy and the tease
Either way, like having a sweet tooth,
Their imagination becomes your tool.

Still, I have another idea
Of how it should be, how it feels.
Then again, I got no clue at all
But I'm certain it's not like the films.

Nothing real can come of thee,
Only partials and it kills
The erratic beauty of it all,
Love must be more than what they scheme.

  So I know it's not like fiction
  Pain lasts and it never ends well;
  So I want better than fiction
  Perhaps one day, I'll be able to tell.

Like art

I use a pencil when I write down my dreams
Some have been the same all these years
Some came into being in the course of one night.

I use a pencil when I write down my dreams
Some on paper, locked in my heart
Some I erased, redrafted with tears.

I use a pencil when I write down my dreams
Some I turned into my whimsical reality
Some I had to edit because I'm realistic.

I use a pencil when I write down my dreams
Some make me quit because I'm pessimistic.
Some make me see beyond the difficulty.

I use a pencil when I write down my dreams
Cannot draw the future, but I can sharpen it
Can only scribble until dreams become clear.

I use a pencil when I write down my dreams
Will protect them from rain so they won't smear
Will not stop until I find the shoe that fits.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Snake bites its tail

In life, defining what you don't want still does not define what you do want.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

False pretense

You cannot break something that is already broken.

The times you can't explain

Intuition can be tricky... But in the end, you know it was right to trust it in the first place.

Monday, April 18, 2011

No excuses

Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is as bad as doing the right thing for the
 wrong reasons.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hanging in my closet

I see the dress hanging in my closet
Brings me back to the day you I and met
A series of images reappear
I even remember how the clouds moved
It seems like magic happened yesterday
All over now, the dark days quickly came.

I can't bring myself to wear it again
Dare not toss it away, at any cost
Just hanging in the closet, left to dust
Awaits the hour to see light again.

The way you stared at it, clear in my head
And your compliment, sweet words that you said
Emotions so strong instantly appeared
You knew exactly that I would be wooed
Never felt sexier than on that day
I try it on now, it's just not the same.

Can't wear this dress in broad daylight again
I do want to throw it away, at all cost
Yet I know I'll leave it there, left to dust
Waiting in the dark 'til we meet again. 

There are two sides to paper

There is no rainbow without rain.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


People do not change; only your opinion about them does. 


 Imperfections are perfect -- if only you would look at them from the right angle. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Step outside your box before someone tries to put you in a particular box.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dora the explorer

Boredom is a term only used by people who cannot appreciate.


If someone were looking
I'm sure he would have seen,
My heart was admiring
A very handsome man
And a woman in heels.
They crossed paths right out front,
I noticed her white teeth
A spark in his dark eyes.
Did they know each other?
It didn't seem the case --
Just faces in a crowd.
Through their genuine smile
Their morning was brightened
And truly, so was mine.
The man went to the right,
She went the other way
Will not see them again,
Just two complete strangers
Continue with their day.
Will not see them again,
But it's an episode
I am not to neglect.
It's the ordinary
So trivial, banal -- a
Mundane situation.
But this moment sufficed,
Was just a split second
A life lesson attached.

Exchange smiles every day
With a stranger or friend.
Trust this, it can trigger
A wave of happiness.
Everything nice starts now
In your daily routine
Actions without remorse
A smile will open doors.
Human relationships
Subtle, yet essential.
It begins with a smile
It goes the extra mile.
A day can be brightened
Like mine was, and yours will.
Exchange smiles every day
And you'll get to see
        Beauty in the ordinary
        Sublime in its simplicity.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My everything

Berlin, Berlin, it was love at first sight
All senses synchronized, bass to the heart.
People of all walks of life danced to the beat,
Tresor was on fire, I can still feel the heat.

Since then, it is electronic music
That fuels me; provides the everyday kick.
Hours of tech house, minimal and techno --
Never a day without, I'm always in awe.

I need Ibiza every summer,
Cocoon each time; Hive, never a bummer.
Richie forever! The great Papa Sven! 
It is falling in love, again and again.

So electronic music doesn't care much
About image or status; petty things as such
You have to lose yourself in the music
That's all that matters, soul and rhythm that click.

The ones who really know, they understand
How I feel is unique: my horizons expand.
It's crazy how it has shaped my being,
I'm thankful for it, you're my everything.

Does cheesy come from cheese?

If everything in this world needs a label; then isn't the unknown also one?

Friday, April 1, 2011

April likes sour cream

One of the most formidable assets a person can possess is being able to laugh at oneself. Learn how to, today.