Sunday, September 30, 2012


To love is to add. But to not love is not to subtract.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Young heart


My heart aged quickly
Much faster
Than my face lets to see.
Pumped with deceit
By things and many
Stabbed and asked to heal
If there is such a power
As to completely recover
A lesson I never learned;
Because regardless
Of how well it survived,
The finishing line
A heart in pieces
Already from the start.
Back to square one
The heart has won
Matured a couple of years
A thousand with every tear.
The heart grows older
Each time it starts over
Getting wrinkles
That no night cream
Can meddle;
I move with a cane
Taken the ability
To love without restrain.


But every time
I am done
I bethink myself of
The time I was young
When I believed
Without seeing
When I knew
Only by imagining.
With every life experience
The heart has catered
Always seems
To pull me back in
And this ancient heart
Runs back to that route
On the verge of innocence
When the heart's skin
Was still so thin;
Not hardened
Nor overshadowed
And eyes still sparkling.
I do not mind getting older
As long as I get wiser
And the lesson
Withstanding alone;
With every heartache
A heart doubling its age
The heart that still tries
This heart that is willing
To always begin a new life
Is twelve years old again.
And when my body
Will slow down
And my hair
Is no longer brown
I will love as long as I live
Leaving behind what outlives;
For nothing is as hard
Nothing more enriching
Than staying young at heart.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

One instant

Sitting opposite me
Scarce meters away
But what an army
Standing in the way

The tram curves
The mirror of a smirk
A flustered one I observe
And gone are all my irks

Here where all descend
I will be the next
We have just one instant
To find a pretext

I make my way home
Why nothing else, I exhale
Suddenly I turn to stone
As I hear you blurt out hey

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The answer

Sometimes, you have to get out of your way to find a way.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


You have been so schizophrenic
Your mood more than erratic
One moment, I am burning under the sun
The next, contemplating why I am frozen 
Even in one day
You go a thousand ways 
Can you not just sit tight
No matter what you decide
Plan to stick around
 Not continuously on a rebound
How wearisome to keep up with
A mind that changes every minute
Oblivious on what to expect
 Terrified to end with regrets
When all I am asking
Is if I need better preparing
Because it is alright if there is a storm
But pretty please, I must have you perform. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just like that

And all of a sudden
I am twenty-two again
Transported to a time
When I had no idea
What I was doing
Incessantly figuring out
Where my life was going.
In that state of in-between
It was only in the time being
Prompt to recreate
Get myself to think straight
And once I was ready
I would leave this phase
Desist from meandering
Find a way back to the race.
Never would I have imagined
Just like that
A mundane monday night
The second I caught you
You glancing at me
I knew on the spot
That nothing will ever be
The same again for me.
Complex enough as it were
You had to mess with my scheme
Had to worm your way into
My heart, thinking for two.
Long I had thought
How jarring it was
The worst timing of all
A year to take care of myself
And I did not comprehend
How any of this could help.
But that special spot you held
Now looking back
In hindsight
Glad I took the chance
You were probably the best thing
That could ever happen
You loved me at my worst
Already then saw in me
What I always wanted to be.
Fast-forward to the present
Five years later
Five years of rigor
Creating the me
The one you were certain
I was one day going to be
Now on other sides
Living parallel lives
Just like that, life happens
Another one is your wife.
 But there are occasions
The present is put on pause
Just like that
The past is back on track
Neither bitter nor morose
Just a star in the cosmos.
In love there is no timing
It is a plan of no free will
A moment never-ending
We shared nothing but the truth
We came to love each other
Like we were destined
To shortly change one another.
Today I am just relieved
To know that I also meant
Something to you
That at one point in time
I was also everything to you.
It is only after
Once the story is over
That you figure out
All absolute things
Anything in life at all
Has its reasons
Because it takes only a second
Just like that, that life happens
And the gratitude
That it even happened at all.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aim to please

The key moment in any relationship is when you stop being the best version of yourself; and start being yourself.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The could have been

Today I walked past the house
The one of my dreams
The one that could have been ours.
It was always my first choice
But fate decided otherwise
Just another dream I had to toss.

Now other people are living there
Here goggling from across the street
I caught sight of their love and chairs.
They have made it their own
Coming back to it each night
The beautiful house they now call home.

I came to realize that I mourned
How hard it is to let go 
Of something that was never yours.
Although in my heart of hearts
I once wished to call you mine
All I am always left with is hurt. 

Today I walked past the house
The only one I dream of
The one that could have been ours.
In another lifetime perhaps
What belongs to me shall find me
And destiny will not have set any traps.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hors saison

Autumn has a way
Of slowly creeping in
Though summer days
Are far from being over.
There is that turning point
Wearing a jacket off season
Cozying up around the fire
When the sky becomes so low.
Seasons are already changing
Not ever having set a date
It is a dawdling process
But no one wishes to notice.
               What a strange sensation
Like opening a door
That was never really closed
The beginning of something
That should not have even started again.