Thursday, November 29, 2012


There was a time 
I was able to separate
Had the skill in every state
In which
I could kiss and tell
Whether it was heartfelt.

There was a time 
I could differentiate
Some were for fun
And others fate
Detached from emotion
Not all meant deep affection.

Then you came along
Neither for the thrill
Nor for the long haul
And it had been a while
Since I had that much
Fun and Confusion.

Doubted my head
Once I realized
That our kisses
Were heating up
With the unsaid
Was it fun or fate.

No longer could I separate
My heart had to migrate
Impossible to tell apart
Our kisses had to have a heart

And I was certain again

What a stellar feeling
To feel again, like a human being.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Small changes are always big steps:
It does not mean that things move slowly
That they will not have better and long-lasting impact.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Maybe we have to argue

Maybe we have to argue
Let our ugly side ensue
To test whether or not
We are really that glued.

Maybe it is necessary
To check the natural nasty
If we are when petty things occur
A presage for stormier weather.

Maybe it is for our sake
Raise our voice in conflict
See if we are strong enough
When life is more than tough.

Because when times are good
Our friendship is much valued

We are as lovely
As we will ever be
An unbreakable link
And no ship to sink.

But it is when times are rough
That persuades if love is enough

We are divine
When times are fine
But our ability to sort things out
Will see if we will ever fall out.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hold my hand

Hold my hand
Show me the way
Through the crowd
And right to your cloud

A labyrinth of people
A throng of obstacles
I cannot advance
Unless I follow your glance

Do not let me go
Nor break the flow
My heart is on my sleeve
That your fingertips perceive

One thing leads to another
And we will not tumble over
As long as I will hang on to
The paradise that binds us two.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Lets me be

Have it all
And agrees

All my quirks

All bits of me;

Trains me

Inspirits my soul

To be loyal
Become faithful

To my

The pace
Sets the tone
The hours
Are long

I am one
At extremes
And I am
in Berlin.

Every street
Has a story
Each corner
Its deep music

I leave my own trace
This unrivaled city
I embrace
Here, I belong, Berlin
 Morning till dawn.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Sometimes it is what we anticipate
The memories we already create
It is so brilliant before it happens
Certain of a tragedy in the end.

Sometimes it is emotions that saunter
The imaginative mind that wanders
Nurturing different expectations
Feeding the soul with specific visions.

Maybe it is the moments that precede
The dreams and the hopes that are still unclear
That will determine the growth of the seed

Maybe it is the joyous thought or pain
That will make a situation that way
Because are we ever shocked if it rains?