Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good night's sleep

It's been almost five years
Body's tired, still thoughts wander with fear.
Could never get more than four hours sleep
In the dark, my mind lets nothing slip.

It's only until you were next to me
Found a sense of peace; slept like a baby.
I thank you for what you have given me
It wasn't your intention, but you saved me.

I've tried different techniques
They don't work, no clue to this magic trick.
Nights gradually turned into a burden
To the core, my whole body was shaken.

It's only until I had you beside me
Felt serene, the joy of sleeping deeply.
I am so thankful for what you have done
It's your gift to me, such an appreciated one.

I care for a good night's sleep
Eight hours straight, a habit I'd like to keep.
Now I think of you right before the dream
You enter it, tell me,
                          Don't we make a good team?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Sun

I try to wake up with the sun
Barefoot, my heartbeat is steady
Coffee, cigarette, music on
Make this moment a ritual for me.

Feel the wind brushing through my hair
I take deep breaths, it's enthralling
To celebrate the brightness you share;
You give meaning to the smallest thing.

Inspirational thoughts quickly come,
I am no longer on the run
Made my peace with the universe
Blinded by you and still, we converse.

Sunrise, best part of any day
I make the best out of this day
Always a fresh start; chances, tons.
My dreams are real, as real as the sun.

The Game

Life is not a race, we all have different cards in hand. And like in poker, having pocket aces does not mean that you will get it all... It all depends on how you play the game -- and ultimately, even the worst hand can win on the river.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rhythm of the day

The sunset was just minutes ago
Next thing I know
First rays of light through my window
In your arms, I get lost in the moment
In your embrace, hypnotized by your scent.

Day turns to night, or the other way around
Only smirks as we jazz around
It all belongs to you, to you I am bound
In your smile, I sense something real
In your laughter, something genuine revealed.

Breakfast at midnight, dinner at noon
The sun outside, I only see the moon
Stars aligned, it's how you make me swoon.
In your eyes, the reflection of my happiness
In your gaze, my soul you possess.

Seems like time ceased to exist for me
Us in a nutshell; couldn't be more free 
The talks, the kisses, the works, really
With you, it's very sincere, yet so surreal.
With you, this heart of stone is healed.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011


People who wait for the unexpected are never surprised.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

No such luck

I can't believe it's the second time
That our paths cross, just to part.
The odds seem not on my side.
Can't get the chance to spell out
You are the only one...
Who sets my heart; on ice and fire.

What a crime to love this way:
It's paralyzing, so suffocating.
Trapped in a prison of despair
There's only me to blame.
You were just meters away,
And I was such a chicken.

I've been waiting so long
For an opportunity like this
It was on replay in my dreams
Come reality, not easy so it seems. 
Startled to see you again, 
        needed to recollect myself
And you were gone, all of a sudden.

People say third time's a charm
I can't buy it, it's a sham.
Miss out on you twice --
No such luck! Not written in the stars! 
The first time it was unfair,
The next, it is I that cries.

I make my own destiny,
but couldn't make us happen.
It is the end of the road,
You will never be in my world.
I was late, you left too early
Fate hints you're not meant for me.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

R stands for...

The feeling of being rejected is one of the most upsetting human emotions. Whether you don't get the job you applied for, are denied entrance at a club or get your heart broken after declaring your love; everyone will agree that rejection is like when a non smoker kisses someone who does: it leaves quite the vile aftertaste. Immediately, a small (or large) part of you is silenced to agony. Letting out a sigh, fighting the tears, feel like punching a wall or becoming red in the face sound familiar? Case in point, rejection is brutal. Ultimately, you are embarrassed -- even more so if you were unlucky to experience it in the presence of others. But you are not alone, because despite the fact that the feeling will always seem very personal, it remains a universal sensation: each person has  been rejected, gravely or not, at least once, at some point in his/her life.

People respond to rejection very differently: some, on one hand, go into denial. Curiously enough, pretending that such an incident never happened is not a very difficult task. They manage to bend the truth when they're asked about it. Other times, they even claim that getting dismissed doesn't affect them one bit. Depending on the gravity of the rejection, not caring about it is really the gospel truth. However, being in denial is more often a question of pride. They do not face the reality because no one in this world wants to confess he/she got hurt: swallowing one's pride truly doesn't come easy to everyone.

On the other hand, there are people who deal with rejection with a little more drama. Being very open about their feelings, they weep and confide in friends or loved-ones. This is a more humane approach to the matter and it is in fact true that getting support lifts one's spirits up. Once again, it is certain that your confidant knows what you're going through and his/her compassionate words are precisely what you need. Feeling rejected might still sting for a while, but after liberating your frustration to another party, it does not seem all that bad. Last but not least, there are those who prefer to go through the pain of rejection in silence. It affects them just as much -- maybe even more --  but they simply cope with unfriendly feelings behind closed doors.

No matter how you deal with rejection -- perhaps juggling between all three types contingent upon the situation -- there's no doubt that it's a horrifying process in any case. It makes you feel bad and it's humiliating. But most importantly, it's absurd how rejection has the ultimate power to crush your ego. It forces you to question everything you know about yourself. It does not matter how big the issue is, whether it's a small thing like getting turned down  by a total stranger or it's more serious like failing an audition, rejection lets others imply that you are not good enough -- in your career, in love, in social encounters, etc. Many don't believe in themselves to begin with and it is even worse for someone who thinks well of him/herself. Indeed, being rejected is one of the most disconcerting emotions.

Truth is, no one can prevent it from happening, in any given setting, even if you are very confident or the best. After all, the final decision is not up to you. Sometimes you were treated unfairly and it has nothing to do with what you can offer. And the other times when it really sends an arrow through your heart, find solace in the fact that you took a risk. You do not always get what you want or what you thought you deserve; and it is perfectly okay to have this whirlwind of feelings: sadness, shame, anger or distress. The trick is to deal with it in the way that suits you best and look ahead. In the end, you must not forget that being rejected also bears fruit -- it makes every time you're accepted more exceptional. Learning how to handle these emotions will also help you grow as person: you'll  definitely become a better (wo)man. Finally, a rejection can also only suggest the following: it wasn't meant for you. Life does treat you fairly, trust it. In a weird way, maybe they did you a favor because a rejection simply equals new possibilities.

Like a virgin

No matter how often you experience it, 
getting your heart broken again will always feel like a first.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Proud women

This is for all the women around the world
Mothers, daughters, sisters, women of their word.
Every March eight, we get to celebrate
Success, freedom, power, all about them that's great.
There was once a time when women couldn't wear jeans;
We've come a long way,
                         Women now move in different scenes.
Fashion designers, traders or ambassadors?
Women aim high, there are plenty of followers.
We no longer have to hide, thoughts or talents.
We can compete, be at one with men's challenge.
In the end, we proclaim our independence today.
Day in and day out, still hope for no foul play.
A woman's worth, beware of her intuition.
She deserves the best, give her the recognition.

Monday, March 7, 2011


You and I, we met on a tuesday night.
It was just a typical day for you;
For me though, our encounter shed new light.
Amidst the crowd, found that special place
Where we hear giggles; go in without a trace.

Here, I crave for what is in my reach.
Sitting in the corner with exclusive view,
I get to choose; his face is sweet as peach.
Between whispers and stares, we speak truth;
And I become Eve, tasting the forbidden fruit.

After some sinful flirting here and there,
At the break of dawn we are through.
You're a handsome mistake I needn't repair.
Sense my grin as I lit this cigarette?
Tuesdays got me smiling now, damn, I don't regret.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My stranger

I left that night with nothing but a name.
Hours spent together, maybe it was just a game.
So vague, so blurred, I can barely even remember.
Just the same, I wanted his kiss to last forever.

Now, not a day goes by without him on my mind,
I long for his hands to hold my face, but I'm fantasizing blind
In my head, in my heart, can't seem to forget his gaze;
My knees still tremble and I know it is not just a phase.

Perhaps that night will meet the day someday,
You'll smell my perfume again and I shall meet you halfway.
On a high, on cloud nine, a feeling so true.
But alas, we are fading; and I wonder why we do.


You should never settle for less than what you want.