Saturday, March 12, 2011

No such luck

I can't believe it's the second time
That our paths cross, just to part.
The odds seem not on my side.
Can't get the chance to spell out
You are the only one...
Who sets my heart; on ice and fire.

What a crime to love this way:
It's paralyzing, so suffocating.
Trapped in a prison of despair
There's only me to blame.
You were just meters away,
And I was such a chicken.

I've been waiting so long
For an opportunity like this
It was on replay in my dreams
Come reality, not easy so it seems. 
Startled to see you again, 
        needed to recollect myself
And you were gone, all of a sudden.

People say third time's a charm
I can't buy it, it's a sham.
Miss out on you twice --
No such luck! Not written in the stars! 
The first time it was unfair,
The next, it is I that cries.

I make my own destiny,
but couldn't make us happen.
It is the end of the road,
You will never be in my world.
I was late, you left too early
Fate hints you're not meant for me.