Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Sun

I try to wake up with the sun
Barefoot, my heartbeat is steady
Coffee, cigarette, music on
Make this moment a ritual for me.

Feel the wind brushing through my hair
I take deep breaths, it's enthralling
To celebrate the brightness you share;
You give meaning to the smallest thing.

Inspirational thoughts quickly come,
I am no longer on the run
Made my peace with the universe
Blinded by you and still, we converse.

Sunrise, best part of any day
I make the best out of this day
Always a fresh start; chances, tons.
My dreams are real, as real as the sun.


  1. As the sunrise may be the best part of any day, feeling your words impacting the heart is among the best parts of those given days in my life; offering fresh starts and chances, and as real as the sun... I become a new man for every sunrise (add smiles and a lighter heart).

    Longing to sit through a sunrise with you again.

    /Shao Lin

  2. Nicole, I agree. That's the way to wake up. Every day.