Wednesday, April 24, 2024

When the writing works out

All I have to do is show up,
Gain momentum;
Give you one last rep,

Another verse
To finish this poem.

I have always dreaded 
Doing the plank,
Now I can hold it
For a full minute,
Without tearing up.

Lift me up

Talent is not enough

Writing is a muscle,
I had become rusty —
Now planning my sessions in

The more I work out
The more I want to write.

Train hard

The benefits of a sweat
Back to the pleasure 
of my pen,

I am looking forward
To my best poem yet.

Raw sensitivity


I eat my feelings
Medium rare.

Hot as Ice

Hot like fire,
Cold as ice

If stares could kill
My feelings would freeze.

He ignites
Light in my eyes,
Sends shiver
Down my spine.

I jump in the shower,
Burn with vigour
To cool my temper.

I am always at extremes,

It is either, or

I gauge for

In your power 2.0


When things are out of your control,
Control yourself.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024


A placeholder ring
Temporary meaning
I vow in-between.

Hold my spot
Til better comes along

Who is going to tie the knot.

A lady in waiting,
Eternity does not come easily
Or swiftly.

One who seeks a definite answer
Needs patience indefinitely.

Does Mr. Right
Promise all the right things
Right now,
Enough to keep me hungry?

A short-term solution
When I dream of a 
Permanent situation

A preview of what is real
All I see
Is intention to commit,

When does forever start
If not today?