Thursday, May 30, 2013


We are bent on making a good impression
As we try bringing our A Game to the table
Raising germane topics in the conversations
In the hope of displaying a slightly better version
Of who I really am, and who I am in your opinion

Even so, I consistently fall in the same trap
My mind always buzzing and I say what is on my heart
Wrapped in nervousness, I am the same opinionated
But it comes off as if I were completely demented
Or at least that is what I pick up on my deportment

And all of sudden that is when you make me realize
Even in my most unusual state, you are able to recognize
That I have never been more myself than when I have butterflies
You glimpse at my soul as I look into your eyes, and your verdict
Nothing sweeter than me being picture-imperfect.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ego down

Admitting it when you are wrong is the rightest of virtues.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Right through me

In my prattle
A smitten gal
In my silence
A heart flutter
In my chuckle
A nervous soul
In my tremble
A happy fool
In my gape
A riveting thought
In my jiggle
My interest shown

An example of old saying
Butterfly wings flapping
Hearing birds singing
All written on my skin
When persuaded to fail
A closer look into the realm
For beneath the willies
I had nothing to worry
Because you were still able
To see right through me.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


The universe is testing me
It did not inquire
When there was plenty
Of opportunity

It picked the right timing
That it could not be
Rather unmistakably
More unfitting

Had I been asked before
I would have been certain
About my answer
But now I am bewildered

How am I to dismiss
When each time
The suspension is tempting

How can it come to an end
When soon enough
Never seems to arrive late

A clash with the universe
As it forces me to reassess
The choices
I am about to make
When really
I should not be

Even for just a second.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Unfortunately, the only way to set someone free at times is by hurting them.

Right turn

Rather a bad decision that leads to the right place; than the right place leading to bad decisions.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


In a world 
That constantly
A snap of a finger
And it is 
Winter all over again
When supposedly, spring 
Has already come in
There are
Mood swings
Without warning 
Bad news
And once 
What you thought
Was sure
All of a sudden

But if you are 
Lucky enough
To find 
This passion
That lasts for life
A fixed appetite
When there is
No cloud 
In the sky 
A special device
That gets you
The tough
Loyal at all times
The kind of love
That never declines;

For me
It is 
Electronic music
My savior 
If there is a need
My fervor
When there is no need

And lifelong 
I will be
To its beat.

It is
The constant
I can count on
No matter
The situation

From the bass
I will never part
You will always have 
My heart.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Out of my system

It is poison
Through my veins
My mind troubled
And waves of loss
Are all I gain
I am dependent
On the pain
Years of being 
Borderline obsessed 
Imprisoned in chains

I will  deny
It is too late
I will pretend
My body breaks
Ever Conflicted
Worse and wrong
Also God
The fight was long

This is the last straw

I am going
To heal 
From your claws
The spite
Sucking the 
Life out of me
The darkness
Behind this smile
You will no longer see
I am getting you
Out of my system 
Extracting you
From under my skin
Now let me live
With mistakes past
But my future
You will never
Ever again

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Each time we hug
It is the moment
I unplug

At times 
From life's
 Harsh realities

Most times
Toasting to life's 

I can still recall
The first time we met
Not yet recognizing
It was going to set

This journey
We have been sharing
Creating our own kind
First-class experiences 
In the routine. 

We dance and have coffee
Talk future and memories
Brick by brick 
The most precious

Skyscraper of friendship. 

Each time we hug
We are honest at heart

Whether we are 
Bursting out
With laughter
Or the hours we are 
Caught in a sob.

My life is living it all with you

The hurt, the pain
The best, the great

There are not enough
Thank you's 
To show my gratitude
But I hope you know

 Each time we hug
It is me also exhibiting

I love you.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Passion is filling a void
That can never overload
Words flowing incessantly
But the glass always seems
Like it is running empty
Though a nod of satisfaction
When a piece is done
As soon as you think enough
You are once again a sponge
It is the people you adore
The new ideas you absorb
The tranquility you then feel and
A piece of paper becomes a thrill
You will not ever turn weary
Passion is fuel in the ordinary
Your own sun rising daily
Even when inspiration is lacking
All you wish to do is feed on
Words that acquire a life of their own
Hoping to be a channel
Of the change they enable
Words are more than what is needed
More than what you love and covet
Only writing can be result and seed
The cure and the cause that sees
Why passion keeps your feet on the ground
And rockets your soul to a higher ground.

Not anymore

She does not live there anymore
Pass by as often as you want
She has already closed that door
To the past, to the past
She finally said goodbye. 

It has been a while 
Since she moved away
But it took her

An eternity and a day

To move on 
From the past, from the past
She is no longer burdened.  

Everything became stale 
Yet she soldiered on 
Even then when hopes were frail
She fought past, She fought past
Til she smiled at last. 

Whether it is
Irony or cliche
To come walking by

When her feelings no longer sway

It is a blast from 
The past, the past
She no longer yens for.