Thursday, May 9, 2013


Each time we hug
It is the moment
I unplug

At times 
From life's
 Harsh realities

Most times
Toasting to life's 

I can still recall
The first time we met
Not yet recognizing
It was going to set

This journey
We have been sharing
Creating our own kind
First-class experiences 
In the routine. 

We dance and have coffee
Talk future and memories
Brick by brick 
The most precious

Skyscraper of friendship. 

Each time we hug
We are honest at heart

Whether we are 
Bursting out
With laughter
Or the hours we are 
Caught in a sob.

My life is living it all with you

The hurt, the pain
The best, the great

There are not enough
Thank you's 
To show my gratitude
But I hope you know

 Each time we hug
It is me also exhibiting

I love you.