Sunday, February 24, 2013

All good things

I have heard it all before
People claiming that this is
A reality we cannot ignore

All good things
Must come to an end

And now when they finally do
The past flashes before my eyes
Looking back on
The great moments
I spent here, in the company of
Terrific friends.

It is the end of an era
And I get teary-eyed
As I bid my final goodbye

All good things
Come to an end

I am not quite certain
What the future holds
But as long as I have you
By my side, creating something new
With confidence
Our new era just began.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


There is only a few
Whom you can call
Faithful and true;

Beyond borders and time,
Beyond distance,
Your words and mine,
Beyond our actions,
What differentiates us,
And what unites us,
All walks of life narrow down
To one single point,

Having you in my life.

It is often said
That nothing lasts,
The unimaginable happens
And the unbreakable can fall apart.
But when I look at us,
Recurrently get the chance
To become so overwhelmed
By the power of love, trust and friendship
I know
- Into eternity, I glance.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


So long I have been without
Now that I have you back
I cannot seem to figure out
Whether I missed you or not.

At first I was cross
Everything turned to chaos
No longer my own boss
Without you I was lost.

Obliged to rearrange
Usual habits became strange
But slowly all that came to change
I celebrated with champagne.

When I deemed it impossible
That every day would be a battle
I found ways I never thought of
Greater than any I had walked before.

So long have I been without
Now that you are back
I  keep on having setbacks
Still living as if I had to cut back.

So maybe when we get detached
It is not a time to miss what we had
The gap we get to fill when there is a hole
       Better than what we had when we were whole.