Wednesday, April 23, 2014


It is how I am
When I am here
It is what I hum
When I catch the music
It is who I struggle to be
Someone completely free
The one
I always imagined
I could be
In a dream
Now my reality

The city reads
My thoughts
What I desire
And what I fought

Right here is Berlin
The one and unique
Where I can write
My uncut story

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I cannot really explain

What are we
If not honest;

We are so different
Yet all the same;
Perhaps just a little bit
Borderline insane

And put together,
How wonderfully in sync.

We do what we are
We are what we say,
We say what we think
We think
What we always do:

Love without limits
This is our dynamic.

Freedom is
This world of ours
In which
It is not hard
To be Us,
True to who we are;

I love and thank you
I know with you,
I will
Always rise above.