Sunday, November 23, 2014

The right word

How well will I perform
Does it depend on the right word
Aching to
Exhibit perfection
So that you will see me
In that vision

How will you respond
To the reflex of being flushed
That I constantly misspell
Was always told
I wrote well
Yet to you
I cannot concoct a clever thought

This is how I tell
I drafted it then
Again and again
Until at night
The imaginary recital
Would flood my head

I love you that way
That the words I send
Are never close to decent
For it is my heart you confuse
It is so loud
To silence
I am reduced.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Here and There

Were you there
When I fell
A broken bone
And I would not
Crawl out of my shell

Were you there
When I climbed to the top
Eyes teared up
With my pride
Overflowing the cup

Were you there
When I had nothing to share
Not to mark
Victorious days
Nor forget days that drained

Weren't you here
Only when it suited you
Done being busy
To squeeze in
A thought or two

I do not depend on
Just want to count on 
Your presence
Here and there
A mate that actually cares

I am here
And I would stay there
Time flies
But days will drag
If you are one.

Monday, October 20, 2014


It is a wrap
He roared
The tone of his voice

The ending unfair
When wished upon a star
May it have been 

Now the director dear
Writing a sequel
When long it was clear
There was nothing else

The same actors
A similar decor
And the question burns
Is this setting worth revisiting

Hear the doubt
The first installment
Known to be difficult 
To top

There is a twist
He roars
The tone of his voice

The resolution incomplete
My curiosity wins
Convince me
Let us shoot the rest of the story.