Tuesday, September 12, 2017


We take a break from work

From life; and fights

People we avoid

People we adore

One and the same

When the head has already left.

Amongst strangers

Widened horizons 

On a rooftop somewhere

Playing djembe in the middle of nowhere

Far from everything

Suddenly it hits

Less or more,

Who am I 

Without my focal points? 

I will be richer

In memories

Come back tanned,

Stuffed and happy

The routine continued just fine

Without me.

Those I avoid

Those I adore

Sitting at work,

My life; and fights

One and the same

Once the heart is back in the apartment.

When we look forward to

Do we leave it all

Wherever we go?

Looking back

Did I not take it all

Wherever I strolled?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Untrue to my word

I am true to my word
Except when it comes to us

I mean when I say
Yes and no mean the same.

I need you to leave 
Go ape once I put it to ink

Thinking I will never kiss those lips
See that smile of his.

I am weak
Because you make me strong

I push you away
Because all this is wrong.

It is for the best
I feel worse once said

Back and forth
My words lose their worth

I promise I do not love you
I don't, I don't. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Life continues as before

Life continues as before
I will press snooze three times
Before getting ready for work;
My waiter will ask me
How I take my usual coffee
And I will check dreams 
Off my list
As long as I breathe.

Life continues as before
Except in those quiet moments
I recall our moments
Written in stone.

Don't we all start off as strangers?
Before soon enough,
One takes a piece of your heart
You never want back.

We cross paths just to part
Everyone leaves 
And we are left with memories;

The waves will wash away our footsteps
But not the fact that we made them.

Life continues as before
The world will not stop
But I will –

Then for a second,
You and I share a moment.