Monday, June 23, 2014

True Love

It all began on the night
I came back
Spotted one in the alley
Thought its bright pink
Had a pretty glow
In the dark.

Then I met one more
And another;
True Love spread
All over town
I would photograph
Each one
With my heart.

Starting to look for it
Proved to be
The wrong habit;
As it is written on the wall
That is when
I would least find it  --

And once I had forgotten
Out of nowhere
Someone out there
Made certain
It was now time
To be

True Love is everywhere
True Love comes
In all shapes and sizes
In the most symbolic places
On that brick
On a trash
At times spelled backwards
With a message
I would cogitate on
Long after.

The last one
Was that kind
Its sense

It read Love True
And in my heart of hearts
I knew;

What makes Love true
Is the way I love you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I had been assured
God had a shrewd way
Of testing the sour
That paths would continue to cross
'Til I was able at last
To resolve
The implicit matters
Between us.
Time had passed
-- But
Time between goodbye
And the heart that says
Bon voyage
A second is eternal
I would wake up in the morning
Better each day
Though still in mourning.
I was holding onto nothing
Kept replaying the last thing
It was clear in my head
But when I saw you
What I felt
More shock
Than what I thought
was left.
Maybe I had to see you
This last time
To ferret out
Why you were never
I was glozing over
I never got
When all along
It was I
Who could call the shots.
Maybe I had to see you
One last time
A proper goodbye
After the one
You were not able to
-- For me to identify
That I had already let go
And I was certain
I could never live
Without your shadow.
God made me take this detour
However I was now sure
It was the right path
For me to come out

Thursday, June 12, 2014


You can feel yourself slip again
Your chest starts to tighten
And your thoughts slowly blacken
It is a subtle process but it is happening
Will it be worse this time, wondering.
You do not want to lie in that state again
A promise you make to yourself
Now and back then 
Every time you cry without reason.
But here you are, prating
Once again, to bury that side of you 
That will always be hurting;
Once you have creeped into the dark
All your broken pieces are terrified to go back.

But I tell you, whether or not
You are sliding into Hell's mouth
Once again and once more after that
I will be here pulling you back up;

When you are tired of looking for light
I will never tire of your fight.