Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I will kill you with a metaphor

I will kill you with a metaphor
My feelings censored
Behind beautiful words.

I dare not say it to your face
The euphemism 
When I am burning with anger.

Toying with the void
Here I concoct
The right expression;

My sweet weapon
Retort with an oxymoron.

Then nothing; no paradox or pun
I am even at a loss 
For a rhyme. 

For when our eyes meet
It is poetry I read,
Without a word
We say it all.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I'm fine

I'm fine

When I am

I'm fine

When I am not

I'm fine

Whenever I am asked.

I am tormented

On the brink of madness

If I go through 

Yet another sleepless night

Whenever I am asked,

I'm fine.

We talk more

Smile and joke 

They are 

The wrong words.

I am worried

Ashamed of breaking

I am crying for help

I will say

I'm fine


I'm fine

When I am

I'm fine 

When I am not

I'm fine

When I am everything but.

The biggest lie

The truth behind


I am not. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sweet everythings

What is the sound of love

But sweet nothings

I whisper to myself

The sound of heartbreak

But your silence

When I say them.

When is the time right

To float on cloud nine

When it is time

To fall flat-faced on the ground.

It stings

To have a wrong fixed

To be set free

A pillow wet with tears.

What is heartbreak

But sweet everythings

I whisper in your ear

The sound of love

But my words pounding

Through your heart.