On life, love, the ordinary and everything in between

The day we will finally live in a peaceful world is when we can dislike each other with respect.

The person you love the most in the world is The One you think of, when singing your favorite love song on the karaoke machine.

Sometimes, the only one looking at it as a weakness is you – and you alone.

Lose your way and find yourself.

There is no worse disappointment in life than feeling like too little a person with too big a dream.

There is no greater satisfaction in life than getting what you know you deserve.

True party people will dance in the rain.

Scars are not reminders of the wound, but of the healing.

Watch me walk away... Because this time, I am not running back to you.

Maybe those things happen when we least expect it, because it is God's way of telling us that we are finally ready to handle it.

Sometimes, the only reason why we cannot find the right answer is because we are not asking the right questions.

Real love knows. True love knows. Forgiveness is forgiving the unforgivable.

Amazingly, there can be sweet good-byes, even if there aren't any smooth tomorrows.

It only takes two to tango. But with techno music, you get to dance with the whole wide world.

The secret to no stress, only but success: one step at a time.

It's you. It has always been you... But it will never, ever be you.

Time is nothing... Distance is nothing... Because the people you love are always in your heart.

The world, after all, is our playground.

Don't burn the kitchen.

Leaving home with a heavy heart is more painful than a thousand pains.

Having no reason to be happy may be even better than being happy for a reason.

It doesn't mean that there is a flaw that you should appreciate it less.

There comes a time when you cannot bluff anymore. Heads up. And these are my cards.
 If I win... When I lose.

The greatest adventure of all is finding stability in life.

Even when I'm not looking, I still see you.

Sometimes, the best feeling has no name at all.

We should not only celebrate the good things in life. Even our bullshit moments deserve a glass of champagne.

One happy heart is someone else's broken heart.

The worst of all is indifference. I would rather have you be mad at me, hate me and curse my name. But to not even bother or care, suddenly I was trapped in a cruel game.

Lending somebody a hand is like lending him/her a great book. Without truly being aware of it, you end up giving more than what the reader even wished for.

If we are still in each other's lives, it is because we grow – continue to, are still able to – not always together, but always alongside each other.

When a moment becomes yours. When the outside world stops for you. When you can hold a feeling so tightly in your hands, almost believing that an emotion could suddenly be materialized. It is at times like these when it's undeniable why desires and passion are worth... everything.

It is always hard to turn the page -- especially if it is a chapter you truly loved. But do leave with a happy heart as you take pride in the experiences, the friendships you made and the new tools you learned along the way. Let this new chapter begin, with absolutely no chagrin.

Every time you stand so close to the edge
Do not look into the depth of your sorrows
Lift your eyes to the vast beauty of the sky.

One can only achieve greatness by being a good person.

I cannot promise you the world, but I promise you my world.

Over time, it either grows or diminishes, for Love can never be a constant.

There is no such thing as a dumb question. Only people who say there is make a fool of themselves.

No matter how gorgeous, plain or photogenic you are; a genuine smile will always be your best shot.

Perfect is the detail. Even if the rest is a mess.

In the long run, all it takes to make a woman float on cloud nine is a down-to-earth man.

Healing, without forgiveness, is not healing.

We never have time. We make time.

Time calms the nerves, but leaves things unresolved.

It's only a matter of wrong turns until I get it right.

At times, knowing that you can have something brings more satisfaction than actually having it.

Trapped in my writing, and I've never felt more free.

Honesty fails when Loyalty is needed.

Who you will marry is the easiest and most difficult decision of your entire life; difficult because you want to make sure, easy because you are sure.

All things in life are simple, ordinary. It is how they make us feel that is extraordinary.

It's our Birthday-gift giving abilities that reveal just how well we know someone.

Beautiful days go by so fast, that is why I live them in slow motion.

Sometimes, the person you miss the most is yourself.

When you love someone, you love everything about them -- even the things that you hate.

You cannot change in a day, but you can change the course of this day.

Without you, I am just me.

Once you learn the secret to a magic trick, you just wish you could unlearn it.

Read the lines before reading between the lines.

When your head is bigger than your heart, then you've lost your heart.

The best pictures are the ones you take with your heart.

Truth is, if you don't despise your passion every now and then; you mustn't love it that much.

The next step must sometimes be a step back.

You should never settle for less than what you want.

No matter how often you experience it; getting your heart broken again will always feel like a first.

People who wait for the unexpected are never surprised.

We break someone else's rules -- never our own.

Life is worth celebrating every second of every day.

Life is not a race, we all have different cards in hand. And like in poker, having pocket aces does not mean you will get it all... It all depends on how you play the game -- and ultimately, even the worst hand can win on the river.

 Being able to laugh at oneself is the most formidable quality.

Pretend you don't care and you really won't.

Only people who love you can judge you.

If everything in this world needs a label; then isn't the unknown also one?

Boredom is only a term used by people who cannot appreciate.

Step outside your box before someone tries to put you in a box.

Imperfections are perfect -- if only you would look at them from the right angle.

People do not change; only your opinion about them does.

There is no rainbow without rain.

Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is as bad as doing the wrong thing.

You cannot break something that is already broken.

Pessimists can predict the future; but so can optimists.

In life, defining what you don't want still doesn't define what you do want.

Sometimes, people come into your life not because you want them to, but because you need them to.

You will never be able to control what people think of you; but you will always be able to control what you think of yourself.

When people are not ready to forgive you; be sure you forgive yourself one day.

In life, sometimes the best plan is not having one.

One instantly becomes more tolerant once the fence turns into a mirror.

You cannot win when there's nothing to lose.

Love is a mystery that does not need to be solved.

Sometimes, we get what we want. Sometimes, we get what we deserve.
Sometimes, what we want and what we deserve are in harmony.

Those who try so hard to fit in stand out the most.

I believe in love, even when it's not true.

A chameleon adapts to his environment; but he himself will never change.

Loving you from afar is as close as I'll ever get to you.

Life is too beautiful to be anything else than happy.

We can still reach the same destination though we take different paths.

Sometimes, destiny takes detours -- but it does not take its eyes off the destination.

Learn how to scribble before you write.

God doesn't give you challenges you cannot handle.

Life is really good, especially when you don't realize that it is.

Nothing worse than still judging a book by its cover, even after you've read it.

You know you are in love when you cannot explain why.

You forget to remember, and I remember to forget.

In a heartbeat, only one thing suffices to outweigh all the bad.

You are the answer to a question I did not ask.
When you are asking someone's opinion... Most of the times, you are not really inquiring;
You just want them to support the decision you've already made.

If life were a race, I would definitely want to finish last.

Family comes first, even in discussions.

Find eternity in a moment.

Sometimes, it is not someone new you need -- but something new.

My dream is real -- and my reality is a dream.

The notion of time is only terrible to those in waiting.

The person you think about the first time it snows is that One person you really want to spend Christmas with.

Ironically enough, it is when life is so random that everything makes perfect sense.

Passion is obsession.

Every day is the best day of my life.
Every year is the best year of my life.

A man is sexiest when he smiles.

If you are not willing to make a fool of yourself for love;
You are a fool.

Some dreams are not meant to be realized.
They linger inside our hearts for all eternity, finding bittersweet solace in their unfulfillment.

Things happen to those who believe.

The only rule to any rule is that there are always exceptions.

At the end of the day, people leave you with memories -- and they last forever.

At times, it is not about opening new doors; but closing some.

You cannot learn to love someone.
You either do; or you don't.

Nothing harder than reading silence.

It's always sunny above the clouds.

It is the people who bring you back that remind you just how far you have come.

It's hard to find a way when you don't know what you're looking for.

Nothing more puzzling than losing something you didn't even know you had.

Sometimes, being selfish is the most selfless thing you can do.

You do not need something to be smaller in order to feel really big. 

Live every day as if it were your first; not your last.

Love is rekindling a flame that never dies out.

I would rather overanalyse than not analyse enough.

Most times, it is because we took a wrong turn that we landed on the right path.

Sometimes, we create memories even before they happen.

There is no need in dwelling on what if's if you tried your hardest when you had the opportunity.

In the end, everything will be hindsight.

A scar is not a reminder that you got hurt; but that you survived.

The only norm I follow is my own.

The only way to love is with all that you are all that he is.

Responsibility is more than doing the right thing; it is wanting to do it right.

Sometimes, you need to let things unfold on their own in order to move on.

A dream, upon realization, is not always a dream come true.

At all times, being happy for someone else makes your happiness.

It is when you are so close to giving up that you need to hold on the hardest.

Life will pass right by you if you keep postponing.

Memories, unlike photos, will not be edited.

What makes a boyfriend is how good an ex-boyfriend he also is.

The journey gets you to the goal. But only the goal gets you going.

Maybe it is because of our failures, and not our success, that we become experts.

Sometimes, what is so blurry in the mind is what is so clear in the heart.

The key moment in any relationship is when you stop being the best version of yourself; and start being yourself.

You always have to get out of your way to find a way.

To love is to add. But to not love is not to subtract.

Life can still -- and will always surprise you.

Small changes are always big steps:
It does not mean that things move slowly
That they will not have better and long-lasting impact.

Grand gestures are the small ones you do in everyday life.

At times, most times, inspiration comes out of nowhere, at the wrong time and at the wrong place.
That is why writing makes me feel so alive.

Trust does not necessarily have to be tested to be true.

To feed on your fantasies is the way to live them.

Rather a bad decision that leads to the right place; than the right place leading to bad decisions.

Unfortunately, the only way to set someone free at times is to hurt them.

Even non-mistakes have a lesson to teach.

Admitting you are wrong is the rightest of virtues.

We may have doubts about what we want at times;
but we are always, always sure about what we do not want.

Sometimes, you just know which direction to go even if you do not have the map.

What we do not document are the things we adore to remember.

Happiness does not have to be explained to be real.

We live in a world today where what we have is often mistaken with who we are.

If truth needs a version, you are already lying.

It is good to be careful, but there is nothing worse than being too careful.

Sometimes, in life, you have to listen to a voice you cannot hear.

All experiences are good – even the bad ones.

Photos make moments last forever; but they also also remind us of a time that can never be again.

As long as I live, the well is infinite.

How you deal with failure will define your success.

Even those who lose their way end up on one.

Home is a state of mind.

Love can be described, but not explained.

Carpe Diem is wearing you best clothes on an ordinary day.

Marriage is not the end goal; it is the beginning.

Do not let that you have –– or do not have, define you.

Those who claim that material things do not matter are the ones who can afford them.

At times, owning up your weakness is the highests forms of strengths.

If you have to beg, it is not meant to be yours.