Monday, January 12, 2009

The Bad Boy "X-"Files

Ever since I can remember, there’s always been a thang [not a thing... a thang. hehe] going on for what we like to call the typical Bad Boy - and by this statement it is not to include those wannabe heartthrobs or fake good boys (of course, I mean no offense) – but that incredibly gorgeous, funny, confident, simple yet so classy, charming, actually nice, sometimes naughty, perhaps smart ass, knowing how and when to bust a line (that we are maybe fishing for...hehe), very, very HOT guy !!! Come on, ladies, admit it : you all know about that territory :

« What a HUNK !!!!! But oH Oh ! (Probably) What a PLAYER !!!!... »

Indeed, it is as good as inevitable... Coming with the bad boy image and evidently, the bad boy self also comes along that border which no smart gal would dare cross. It’s out of your league (and this is to be considered in the most POSITIVE way). Not that you cannot... but you should not ! Maybe it's absurd to generalize but many are witness to the BAD BOY epidemia: a hunk can get a lot of girls, and he knows it. It is a battlefield and you may mostly have unresponsive results in efforts and time! He is almost un-...attainable ! Almost un-...touchable ! Almost un-...reachable ! Yet a mystery remains : even if you take into account and analyze the huge probability of how dangerous and unsafe the situation you’re getting into appears, why still have that curious... uncontrollable... physical... gravitational pull to this certain type of men ?!

Honestly, as I believed I had acquired some wisdom (as if... hehe), I thought I had a straightforward answer to this one.

But when THE SOLDIER'S HOT... What can YOU do?

Just [ Don't ] Drop it Like it’s Hot !!!! To each her preference in definitions. And that’s how the story goes. And else, ask Tupac who sang about this gal who got herself a player for life !