Sunday, January 11, 2009

Melting Pot

I've always asked myself which particular place in the whole wide world was englobing the largest number of nationalities... at the exact same time. I immediately thought of the numerous schools and universities. Quite international! The United Nations also seemed a plausible answer. Indeed, most international! Big and famous capital cities such as Paris and New York, with their billions of visitors add up to that equation as well. Extra international!

But I then realised that all of these answers didn't quite fit my search for these people are at these places for one specific reason. Studies. Work. Tourism. And it is on my way to Stockholm, with a stopover in awesome Amsterdam, that I finally found that special location. Simple, it is in fact. The most international home on planet Earth is none other than the AIRPORT!

As I was at the "Grand Cafe" appreciating my delicious Caffe Latte, I couldn't' help and observe the different people around me. At 8 a.m., I was drinking coffee, others had already switched to beer. Some were sleeping like in their own bed, many were on their duty free shopping spree. We were all going somewhere but I had this moment when I just wondered: WHO are these people? And why are they here with me on this specific day?!? Funny thought... don't you think?

Coming from short destinations or a 14-hours flight, obviously for a thousand various reasons: off to a business trip, probably going home and a whole lot away to somewhere... Somewhere good. Happy mode. Even tormented mood. Sometimes, I like to think and ask about people, the most random people that we will meet only once in our life and actually will not remember. What is their origin? Their culture? Their background? Their past? Their beliefs? Their personalities? Their hobbies? Their fears? Their dreams?

WHAT is the story of THEIR lives?

Six billions (and more to come) answers. All I know is that whoever we are, we have one thing in common. We are all somebody's someone/"something something", aren't we? And although this statement certainly sounds most obvious, thus gave me a warm feeling. Our different selves and backgrounds lead us to somewhere... Somewhere good. Dear travelers, all through your life, enjoy the flight: you are never no one, you are always someone.