Tuesday, May 31, 2011

True to yourself

A chameleon adapts to his environment, but he himself will never change.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I believe in love, even when it's not true.

The Ibiza "myth"

Ibiza is commonly known as the 'best party island on the planet' and I was blessed to experience the magic for the first time in the late summer of 2008. It is not a myth when people say you haven't truly partied until you have been to Ibiza: I have tasted the nightlife in a lot of places around the globe but nothing comes close to that mystical island in Spain. One of the biggest -- and best clubs -- in Ibiza (or the earth), Space, is opening tonight. Although, in my wildest dreams, I wish I was there right now to enjoy all the openings, priorities undoubtedly come first. But looking at the bright side, I am already overly excited for August since that is when I'll get to see my favorite island again. 

I have been asked why I am so addicted to Ibiza quite a number of times, and in all honesty, the only answer I can give is that it frankly has got the best parties ever. Electronic music, dancing and just the nightlife itself play such an important role in my life: it is one of those activities I not only enjoy immensely but moreover, I need it in my routine. It relaxes me, it also helps me get my mind off things, it's my number one way to have a blast and I just adore shaking it on the dance floor. It's not just a hobby or only occasional night-outs, but it's a lifestyle I've wholeheartedly adopted. Furthermore, I want (and try to deserve) Ibiza every summer. It is the cherry on my cake!

Everyone who loves to stay up all night and live like there is no tomorrow will fall in love with Ibiza, even if one's music preference is not house or techno. But evidently, it is even better when electronic music is your cup of tea. There is an insane yet at the same time, pure and serene atmosphere out there: the island is lovely but it's really more about the people who are just so motivated. It's impossible not to get overwhelmed by the 'harmonious' and crazy mood. On a side note, I want to once again comment on the general misconception about Ibiza, which I have heard one too many times. Ibiza is known for all the drugs circulating (and in truth, there are a lot out there!); but there are millions of other people -- including myself -- who do not need drugs in their system to have a great time or become 'happy'. I've never agreed with generalizations and I'm not going to start now. I do indeed live for that kind of music and I do not look for drugs to appreciate electronic music. "Oh Nicole, you love techno? Need cocaine or ecstasy?" Thanks, but no thanks. The music is my only drug! Once more, there is no pointing fingers here, I am simply tired of such comments and it's my viewpoint on the 'drug issue in Ibiza.'

Coming back to the subject though, party animals will adore Ibiza because it is some sort of heterotopia (which, compared to utopia, is a real location). Ibiza is an exquisitely happy place where you can only get carried away; but it is a 'surreal', occasional counter-site since the party mood is unique only to the summer season. It's unfortunate, and unfair actually, to those who don't know the island; because even how much you want to explain what awaits people in Ibiza, you really need have been there to fully describe it. I've heard how great Ibiza was so many times beforehand; and when I found out I was finally flying there, I was sure it would be awesome. But, sincerely, it was so much better. Speaking from experience, Ibiza is beyond your imagination. The ones who have gone will recognize each other immediately and there is no need for words: only a look into each other's eyes, sharing one of those 'naughty' grins and you will understand your respective feelings for Ibiza. You have a common thought: isn't it the best fucking island ever? It definitely is. And that is why I urge people to 'become one of us' and book your next flights right away.

Lastly but most importantly, more than being the best party place on earth, Ibiza is simply heaven for electronic music lovers like me. The 'crème de la crème' i.e. the best DJs in the universe gather in Ibiza for the summer; and I can't wait to dance to the new releases and remixes! The more electronic music brings you to a higher (once again, no need to get really 'high') level, the more you feel the power and love deep inside. There's something for everyone: whether you like it funky or fancy the 'boom, boom, boom' better, Ibiza offers the best tunes in the market. Of course, like any genre of music, there are obvious differences in electronic music: there is house, tech-house, deep house, disco house, progressive house, tribal house and so much more; I, for instance, enjoy minimal techno the best. What is Ibiza? How is Ibiza? Why do I love Ibiza so much? Well...

Once you've been to Ibiza, you spend a whole year talking about your unforgettable time in Ibiza... Until it's finally time to go back to the fucking island.

"It is time to unite." -Tiefschwarz 
The season has finally begun. Happy 2012 opening, Ibiza! ♥

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blanche Dubois

Those who try so hard to fit in stand out the most.

Choose your destiny / Destiny chooses [for] you

We live in a society today where every single one of us is pushed to believe that we are always in a position to make our own choices. For instance, many of our elders have assured us that we can do anything when it comes to pursuing our dreams. “I want to become a doctor! I can open my own restaurant! I wish to raise a family in the suburbs! I even aspire to land on the moon one day!” The key to success happens when we take a stand and work for it. As a matter of fact, we come to realize that every step we take is always defined by that crucial moment where we are to make a choice, whether it is for our own well-being or our contribution to others. It is up to us: what to believe, who to vote, where to live, what to eat and how to change! And finally, throughout the years, there will always be situations where we need to choose between right and wrong.

And as we may look back, we all know that the different experiences we’ve had and sweat through brought the best lessons with them, whether we made mistakes, accumulated trophies or just tried with all our heart! Life has taught us that the person we eventually become is the result of the many decisions we’ve taken, or even chose not to. Where and who we are today… well, maybe it was all destiny.

Destiny… Destiny… Destiny… Why do I mention destiny?

Suddenly, this thought got me all confused as it occurred to me that choice is the complete opposite of destiny. When I think about this particular subject, I remember how we tend to associate destiny to finding true love or when unfortunate happenings occur. “We happen to be at the right place, at the right time (or the opposite)" and "why me?” If we had taken a different turn at one point in our life, would we be the same person that we are today? If we had gone that road instead of this one, would we be crying instead of smiling right now? If you weren’t meant to be there that day, would we have ever met? What makes a bigger difference… the choices we make or destiny that brought us here?

I don’t believe these questions are about regrets or wishful thinking, but it’s still a funny thing to maybe imagine how our own life could/would have turned out if.... We all know about those life-changing choices: Don't we all agree that life -- and definitely God -- sometimes has quite the sense of humor? All I know is that the fruit of satisfaction is to acknowledge every single gift we receive, and that we have worked for. Thank God we have choices! Thank God we also have surprises! And praise God that when we lack the confidence to make a decision, He never fails to guide us!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Calling it soulsexuality!

Summer is the best of seasons: long days, chilling in parks, getting a tan by the water and eating mountains of ice-cream are just a few of this season's hot activities. As the sun shines brighter, so do our auras:  people are out, people feel more sexy, people meet, people flirt... and people get the taste of that loving feeling!

Oh yes, that feeling! Your heart starts to pounder and your knees begin to tremble. The feeling where you can sense that this mutual attraction goes beyond appearances. It doesn't look at skin color. It doesn't look at the wallet. It doesn't look at religion. It doesn't look at political views. Moreover, that intense emotion for this very unique individual doesn't even look at... SEX AND GENDER??!! Hmm... Are you thinking it through? I definitely am.

As plus and minus attract, so do plus and plus (and minus and minus, haha!). Love means to be completely compatible with the other soul, in every non-boundaries-filled way that exists. But if love only matters when it looks above and beyond, when does it take that certain factor in consideration? When is love all about sex?

Heterosexuality. Homosexuality. Bisexuality. In today's society, gender preference is still one of the most discussed topics. Homosexuality remains connected with the high rate of AIDS in the world and persists as much of a taboo. The fight for social acceptance and tolerance is an ongoing process. But it has also evolved quite a lot:  some cultures grow to be more tolerant, countries such as Finland and Spain allow same gender-partnership/marriages. 

On another note, the curious woman that I am has always wondered about another aspect of sexual orientation. Although research in genetics tried to find reasons for sexual preference; the subject of sexuality is still quite the mystery: you are gay, I am not. HOW? In addtion, my confusion persists as it is also often highlighted that heterosexuals can turn out to be gay; but why isn't it also taken into account that gays can turn out not to be that homosexual after all? So what's the deal: gay? straight? strictly gay? strictly straight? or simply always soulsexual? Let's talk about sex, baby!

Love is blind is a misconception because it definitely has eyes: reality needs love to look at your very plus and your very minus. Fact implies that you can fall for the worst possible person you could ever fall for, taking as an example that you never appreciated blonds, brunettes or green-headed before, but you end up finding that great connection with this one. It was improbable, but it happened! Yet when it comes to that specific characteristic i.e. sex and gender, it is a whole different story. I believe that you can become very attached to a person, whether he/she is your opposite sex or not. Yet [and excuse me if it appears in poor taste... I mean no offense], you are only going to fall in love and have a so-called full-blown relationship with this individual if you can "accept" him/her sexually. Because if you do not -- or the more accurate term would be you cannot -- experience fireworks during sex, you being straigt, bisexual or gay, then where is this story going? Suddenly, all these questions were just answered. 

The conclusion is that no matter the gender preference, and I guess it will remain a mystery forever, more relevant is soulsexuality: you'd be gay and ought to be soulsexual, you'd be straight and ought to be soulsexual, you'd be bisexual and also soulsexually searching. Truly only the connection with THE PERSON matters i.e. soulsexuality: if you're not sexually satisfied or incapable of experiencing intense sexual sentiments with this person anyway, I don't reckon there will be such a lovely future, because in the end, fireworks do matter. Love does look beyond and above appearances, but sex has got to be soulsexually satisfying. It's just too bad that no one ever really admits to it. Love who you want and have sex soulsexually: "Love is a matter of chemistry, sex is a matter of physics" (Author unknown); and you need both. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

In tune

Sometimes, we get what we want. Sometimes, we get what we deserve.
And sometimes, what we want and what we deserve are in harmony.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crawling back

You would love that I run back to you
Put my heart on the table for you
Those are efforts I made in the past
It's not my fault you gave up so fast
You know I would have gone the distance
And that's what I did; went the distance
Now I care more about the weather
Than your troubles and your desires
I stopped caring the moment you left
Picked the right way instead of the left
Made it clear that I was hit and miss
Every time I blamed myself for this
Never thought you'd make me feel so low
A waste dwelling on my hurt ego
But all of those obsessions abate
There's always an expiration date
Now, you still take those things for granted
While all along, I was devoted.
Don't dare say the choice is up to me
Crawling back's not a possibility.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011


It is not Herculean to disappear,
Repel all the strong feelings that appear.
You're at the summit or in the gutter,
None of that sticks, you're numb whatsoever:
Entirely immune to bitterness;
New journey trying out being fearless.

Cured injuries that left hideous scars,
Love-hate relationship in your memoirs:
Don't want to go on living without them,
And yet you cannot stand the sight of them.
Solace in the fact that it pains no more,
Vexed because balance was never restored.

You deal with a constant oxymoron;
You alone create this little moron.
At length, cannot get out of your own way,
Exhausting having your thoughts on replay.
Done with being neurotic; done grumbling;
Sky high, downfall, indifferent's becoming.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A good conversation

I love nothing more than a good conversation
Whether we laugh or have a serious discussion
Quality moments sitting around a table
Words flow as we're trapped in our own little capsule

Promptly, we are transported to a different world
See all these places and get cultured through mere words
Without even leaving this spot for a second
Our shared stories spur on the imagination

I am here enjoying my beer or my coffee
It is a pleasure to be in great company
One can learn so much through the eyes of another
To some questions, one can firmly get an answer

It doesn't matter if we are, or not, alike
A smart and challenging person will always strike
Ultimately, one might get more than what he thought
One discovers things about himself just with talk

I love nothing more than a good conversation
Whether we laugh or have a serious discussion
Sit around a nice little table for a while
What's greater in life than connecting through a smile?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Forever, until the end

I will love you forever, until the end
I met you only once but I know I'll spend
The rest of my life with your words in my head
Thank you so much for the life lessons you spread

Taught me what it means to be a human being
You give freedom and forgiveness their true meaning
Incarcerated for more than eighteen years
An innocent man on death row; how does one deal?

I cannot even fathom what you have been through
I would have given up hope a long time ago
Your optimism and beliefs kept you going
Is there more to God's plan than what you're sharing?

You moved me in ways I cannot fully explain
These are heavy emotions that are hard to feign
We are only people who try to make a change
And you repeated it, we have got to exchange

To me, you are an exemplary fighter
A terrific human being I admire
It was the greatest privilege to meet you
I want to make a difference, all because of you

I will love you forever, until the end
I wholeheartedly believe that you are godsend
Your story will be remembered through the ages
Gave us all the will of crossing these bridges

Greater expectations

Days she spent with him, she doesn't regret
The greater expectations were not met
Asked for something she doesn't even want
Only fools make turmoils so transparent.

The type that lives in the immediacy
Passions are meant to be felt intensely
So he said good-bye as fast as he came 
Both dreadful and brilliant, that is the game.  

On some days, she wished she were more normal
That she'd be less difficult to handle 
It's a curse and an asset; this wild side
Change that, all good things about her subside.

When fireworks settle for the routine 
It drifts away, best bit lost in between
Only for a day or it's all the way, 
Expect no less or she will go astray.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dedicated to

There are moments in life when everything makes sense
Someone special touches your soul, breaks through the fence
In honesty, you'll never be the same again
Angel came down and gave you a taste of heaven.

The times you fail to find good reasons to wake up
In the morning; feel good, and put on some make-up
God sends a message and says bright days are ahead
"You want to explore the world, now, get out of bed!"

Intolerable hardships, inevitable
Everyone heals differently from the same battle
One who can't fall asleep will find a way to dream
A fatalist will stop seeing things in extreme.

Give thanks to the ordinary that empowers
And the extraordinary won't have borders
Reminded again, with love and music combined,
Real happiness is only but a State of Mind. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Imprisoned enough

When people are not ready to forgive you;
be sure you forgive yourself one day.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Before we met, high walls around my heart
Conscious of the risks of an open heart
Protecting myself from harm and deceit
True to form, getting hurt was a habit.

   I let my guard down, looked into your eyes
   Didn't know what I would find but I tried
   A version of the truth was desires
   For a second there, confusion arised.

I was brought back to earth when I recalled
The reason why I do not get involved
I do not trust myself with anyone
Intangible, my seat-belt, I fasten.

But it is the authentic me you saw.
Then, like child allergic to cookie dough
Keeping it simple, always a hassle;
Tasted romance and so I lost control.

I said things in the heat of the moment
The masochist likes her arrow broken
A version of the lie is that I care
Now a pseudo strain I'm supposed to bear.

After we met, the high walls from the start
Still quite intact, bruised knees were just a part
Not reciprocated and keep distance,
Only fin'amor applauds the absence.

Silent friend

Hey, are you doing it on purpose?
You and I, we've always been so close
Now you are just keeping me hanging
Enough already, it's unnerving.

I grasp that you are infuriated
But what you are putting me through, mate
It's not right anymore. You relish
My ordeal, is it me you banish?

You promised me, we will get to talk
Your one-liners can go for a walk
No more excuses, give me reasons
Try me, I can handle the big guns.

Only because of that, we're like this
Think carefully about all of this
Worth your silence, worth my agony?
How could I know, you won't talk to me.

Lapse in judgment, okay, crystal clear;
But don't you think I've shed enough tears?
Patience is a virtue, people say.
But there's a boiling point, if I may.

I'll grieve if we're not friends anymore
But at least, I'll finally be sure
You spoke to me and I will accept
Fire of our friendship soon unlit?

Saturday, May 7, 2011


You will never be able to control what people think of you;
but you will always be in control of what you think of yourself. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Red light district

They say it's not safe to walk around here
You'll see women standing on street corners
Few drunk mortals and usual dealers
Still, it has a unique flair that's sincere.

Interesting folks spotted at cafes
Nights and on weekends, the scene is alive
Best galleries in town, boutiques survive
A form of art, nothing close to cliches.

The kind of place that gives someone a fright
A misconception for some who can't stand
The riveting darker side of their mind;
It's here geniuses like Baudelaire saw light. 

There is something alluring about them
Those society scorn, the marginalized.
Judgmental souls persist; not so surprised
When below the surface waits a poem.

The people here have no care in the world.
Whether it's where they work or their hangout
Here, free spirits do not need to stand out
They think lightly and none shall be bothered.

They say it's not safe to walk around here
It's the truth, one must be a bit careful
But this area, genuinely soulful;
Rather here, red light district I revere.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love art

Turning the ordinary into art
They perceive things with a creative heart
When a piece is incomprehensible
To a few, its purpose is logical.

Artists are known to exude a strange side
They hardly ever follow the high tide
And who would want it any other way
On their terms, they do the most of their day.

Living in their own world with rules they set
Go the distance, never to be stranded
As soon as they begin, they cannot stop
Feelings overwhelm, takes them to the top.

At times, such inspiration becomes rare
Overanalyzing is just not fair
Some will get mad at their own creations
Because of their search for small perfections.

Capturing a moment like they do now
Opportunities they should not pass by
They will look back because it was divine
Who ever said that we can't create time?

The groupie

Last monday, I had the chance to see Boyce Avenue in concert for the first time. My cousin introduced me to Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian Manzano a.k.a. Boyce Avenue a few months ago via YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/boyceavenue). On the same day, I subscribed to the channel and have been following their updates regularly ever since. Consequently, when my friend told me that they were coming over, I was ecstatic. I had been looking forward to the event for weeks now and the wait was finally over. I was so thrilled to see Boyce Avenue perform -- in particular, I was dying to hear Alejandro Manzano, whose voice is more than heavenly, sing live -- and truth be told, they were much better than I imagined. Artists that are down-to-earth, humble, with incredible stage presence and whose talent, so effortless, exceeds all limits: the brothers of Boyce Avenue are unquestionably the kind of musicians I respect, admire and support. 

These men were so soothing to the ears -- and I must add, extremely soothing to the eyes as well, especially guitarist and backing vocalist Fabian Manzano. He is ridiculously gorgeous, mysterious and the way he loses himself in music delighted, and this I am sure of, all the women in the crowd. Straightaway, for some bizarre reason, I couldn't help but think of all those young girls who have been obsessing over Justin Bieber in the past year. The faces of my old classmates also came to mind, as I remembered how they used to go crazy over some rocker, pop star or DJ. Then, evidently, I didn't fail to forget the star crushes that I once had as well, such as Jared Leto, John Frusciante and River Phoenix. And like in those glorious days, in an instant, I developed a major crush on Fabian Manzano. Aroused? A little hysterical? Shouting "I love you" after each song? Indeed, last monday, I was reminded of the rush one feels when she gets an innocent -- yet massive -- crush on someone; ergo, I acted like a total groupie. 

This incident immediately got me to reflect deeply on the odd phenomenon of having a crush on an unattainable person. Whether we are twelve, twenty-five or forty years of age, I am certain that this giggly feeling is one that never grows old. Celebrities, normal people but who have great sex appeal and/or a friendly charisma, simply fascinate us, normal people. In truth, it is really a complex thing because I could not help but wonder how and why we get to fancy -- even go bananas for -- someone we do not know personally. We might listen to his songs repeatedly, follow him on twitter or get to read about his whereabouts in the media, still, we as fans will only ever be familiarized with the public figure. And although we may feel a delusional closeness or get a glimpse of his personality during interviews or concerts, he remains a complete stranger. In definitive, we are not "crazy" about the person itself (since we do not know him); but we only get attracted to the image we make of that person alone. Nevertheless, we still have the impression that such a character can somewhat meet the traits of the man of our dreams: mighty fine, never deceiving, perfect... unattainable. Ultimately, maybe it's wanting what we cannot have that is so gripping.

Of course, having this kind of crush, i.e. longing for someone we cannot have, not only applies to stars or public figures; but there will be a number of men we will get to meet in the real world that are, unfortunately, as unattainable as a celebrity. Obviously, these men are unreachable for different reasons: some of the men we will be drawn to are already taken or married; we might get a crush on someone who is gay and has, in all fairness, no interest in women. And finally, there are those men -- and every woman in this world knows at least one that fits this criteria: the one who is unchangeable. Simultaneously, she is also aware that this man is the kind she should stay away from at all cost. Nonetheless, what is predictable always happens: many tend to fall for this type of man simply because he is out of reach, whether he is married, rejects us, has issues or does not want to commit. It is a challenge most women are more than willing to take on. We are well aware of the implications and consequences, yet still feel a sense of rush each time we meet one: is it because a person is so unattainable that makes him so damn attractive? And for some bizarre reason, our little heart is insane enough to hope for a happy ending and believe that we will be the one who can change him, that we'll be the one he will fall in love with. 

But, in the long run, we know it is an impossible (or very improbable) task. Therefore, maybe we should carefully rethink the reasons for such disillusion. In definitive, we might not be crazy about the person itself, but we are only attracted to the image we make of that person. When we look at things from another angle, we can perceive that an unattainable man will not meet the traits of the man of our dreams at all... specifically because he remains out of reach. And unlike the case of a celebrity crush, these men may seem perfect at first glance -- but they are always deceiving and forever unattainable. Ultimately, maybe the only reason we like to chase after them is because wanting what we cannot have is indeed so gripping. It makes us feel alive and disturbingly, yet blissfully, vulnerable!

In conclusion, we can say that a one-sided love can be both fun and frustrating. It is healthy to have a crush, no  matter how old we are. It is always soothing to the soul to think nice of someone -- even if that person is a famous persona. After all, being a groupie is but a sign of respect, admiration and support. And the other times when we are in love alone, in real life, we should just remember that unfulfilled dreams never made anyone happy. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


No one writes letters anymore
We live in a world that needs more
Than fast messages with emoticons;
We speak our mind through funny fonts.

Tell me you could visualize
A tortured heart that slowly dies;
I truly wish you read the signs
Tears I poured while writing those lines.

In my handwriting, I revealed
In my letter, my heart I sealed
I made mistakes I can't erase
I am so sorry, I lose face.

You won't forgive me easily
Don't expect an answer swiftly;
My words came from deep down inside
One day, perhaps, you'll let it slide.

No one writes letters anymore
But I am the kind that is for
Face-to-face communication
From afar, words must move mountains.

In my handwriting, I unveiled
In my letter, my heart is sealed
I'll say sorry until you care
Was a letter enough to repair?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not that difficult

It shouldn't be this difficult
I feel like I have joined a cult
And they say I cannot get out
They'll chase for me if I head south.

I'm sitting in a crowded space
I really need a change of pace
I got to break free from worry
Rethink responsibility.

I tend to talk in enigma
People cannot stand the drama
I cannot clarify the spiel
Only a few get what's the deal.

I'm standing alone in a park
Everything around me is dark
Got to set myself free of you
Set me free, please, I'm begging you.

     It shouldn't be this difficult
     All I want to do now is bolt
     But I will stay and fight the pain
     It gets better, nothing's in vain.

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's not like riding a bike

When I was in Vienna a few days ago, one of my closest friends brought me biking. It took me by surprise at first since I thought that it was such an unlikely, "out of nowhere" proposition. But as it always is, this idea turned out to be quite an exquisite one. 

The reason why I was taken aback is because I haven't ridden a bicycle in such a long time. As a matter of fact, I could not even remember when exactly was the last occasion. Like a lost memory that I desperately wanted to retrieve, I needed to unearth the past. Finally I was certain that my last bike tour must have been in my early teenage years -- and here comes the kicker -- when I was still living in Vienna. The irony of it all is that I used to love riding my bike around the famous Prater area or by the Donau. Some of the best days of my life, spent with either my childhood friends or my family, had a bicycle in the picture. Immediately, I could not help but wonder why I gave up this habit. For some unknown reason, I had not repeated this experience until that beautiful Sunday afternoon.

"It is like riding a bike", the universal saying, honestly took its literal meaning that day.  In the beginning, I was in such a panic not only because of my probable rustiness, but I was convinced that someone like me will be the kind that completely forgets how to bike. And in all fairness, it was terribly difficult and so unnatural to be on one again. Common knowledge is that riding a bike is "a said of skill that once learned, is never forgotten." But I truly had the impression that I was back to square one, and like a child, I needed to learn everything (again). I kept losing my balance, I stumbled and almost fell off at numerous times and I was a little saddened that I could not let go of the handle bars like I used to do. Luckily enough, after a while, I managed to stay on the bicycle for a bit; but definitely not long enough to say that I was an expert again. All in all, learning how to ride a bike again was embarrassing, but at the same time, a wonderful experience.

This spontaneous adventure suddenly got me thinking about the skills we learn along the way -- and which we are supposed to never forget, just like riding a bike. Some are basic skills, easy to learn and easy to remember, while many others require years of practice. We  acquire them with the help of different types of people: whether it is what our parents bring us by -- such as table manners and social skills, or the aptitudes we are taught in school or at work. Of course, a number of lessons come from experts or friends. Finally, we must not neglect the skills we learned on our own -- based entirely on our principles or personal experiences alone. Specific skills and lessons are fundamental, not so that we can use them in everyday life but, like riding a bike, when the occasion comes, we should roughly know how it works in spite the fact that we have been out of practice in a long, long time.

Then again, although we are well-equipped with certain life lessons and skills -- which we are asked to never forget, like riding a bike -- it is more than likely that these skills  be totally forgotten or ignored on countless occasions. Due to a number of "unknown" reasons, we sometimes find ourselves in tricky situations that may seem particularly familiar, yet harassed with the tormented feeling that we haven't learned anything from the past at all. We are back to square one. We have no idea how to (re)act. We need to learn the same lesson all over again. Some just regard it as yet another experience, many are infuriated that history keeps on repeating itself and others will be less than eager to ride a bike ever again. 

Life is sometimes a song on repeat -- whether we've had a similar experience years ago or it happened just yesterday, learning a lesson the hard way will always feel like a first.  Indeed, dealing with hardships and disappointment is never like riding a bike, it's not a "said of skill that once learned, is never forgotten." Learning life lessons or skills is strenuous, learning them all over again is nearly unbearable. And so it becomes perfectly understandable that we stop trying. But, as it always is, this is  exactly what life is all about: a wonderful journey from which we are supposed to learn. The thing is, we should not expect any less because that is what pushes us to grow as individuals. We do lose our balance once in a while. We stumble and fall at numerous times. And the times we are supposed to have acquired the skill already, we just need to cut ourselves some slack and simply start from scratch again. On the bright side, once again has its advantages because we know that one day, we will be able to let go of the handle bars and be free like the wind again -- because we have learned how to excel in that already. Ultimately, "life is like riding a bicycle. To keep our balance we must keep on moving." - Albert Einstein.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Big Picture

I have always been the kind of person that pays a lot more attention to details rather than the big picture. The breathetaking Blue Lagoon of Iceland before me and I could not help but notice how the person next to me kept her eyes closed in front of such splendor. Surrounded by thousands of party people at a club in Ibiza, my eyes wandered to the lonesome woman cleaning up the broken glasses on the floor. When all eyes were on the glorious sunrise at the beach in Boracay, Philippines, my focus was on a child's tiny footsteps that were about to get washed away by the waves. During a Raul Midon concert a few years ago, I half-smiled when I suddenly saw this man touch his wife's hand. And each time I get to watch a film, I have the tendency to spot the people who stand in the background rather than get caught up in the two protagonists walking into the sunset. Such things, little details, mostly unimportant and probably unnoticeable by the majority...

Nevertheless, these so-called inconsequential incidents or surroundings -- that one would normally overlook or even completely ignore -- always deemed to be more intriguing and fascinating for me to watch. Naturally, it does not imply that I do not appreciate the magnificent spectacle or that I totally miss the point. In fact, I am fiercely convinced that pinning down individual elements has the opposite effect: it is by looking "away" from the big picture and detecting these particular facets that make the picture... a big picture. All these times I had the privilege to stare at such miraculous sights and live poignant moments, I knew that my feelings at that time were not only pure and untouchable; but more than anything, I was also aware that these emotions would always only be ephemeral. Heart-rending, maybe, but simultaneously, the fact that it remains momentary marks the beauty of it all: it is the passion you feel -- fleeting, but untarnished. It is the high you reach -- one that some people search for their entire life, and manage to experience only too seldom. "The beauty of this day doesn't depend on its lasting forever." (http://mydailyaphorism.blogspot.com) 

So I see details that assist to the big picture: I remember the people I will never meet again, I remember the ones who work very hard on keeping the big picture a clean one, I remember that this state of euphoria will wash away with time, I remember that love transcends in music and evidently, I will always remember those who, like I, often just stand in the background and observe. It is human nature to put one's heart into the big picture alone. Yet the reason why everything in this world becomes so extraordinary is indubitably linked to the details that we are, in fact, prone to pay no heed to. For instance, a likely situation is the typical tourist who goes through the wondrous paintings of a museum in a quantitative way i.e. just to have a quick look at them; instead of staying still for a while in order to study the details of, perhaps, one sole painting. For all one knows, it is only due to time restriction and s/he wants to make the most out of his/her visit. But most times, one does not even go into details simply because the belief that prevails is that only the big picture matters: sadly, one surely forgets that this masterpiece tells a great story, that includes qualities as well as flaws -- and in my opinion, one must take the time because those details are far more interesting to explore than looking at the big picture alone

Certainly, I am the kind of person who perpetually falls in love with details, everyday, with everything. Thus, this philosophy also applies to the people that cross my path. Not only do I look into peculiar details of their physical features, I pay close attention to their reaction in different situations, I might even discern their sense for fashion; but most importantly, I do not dare forget that there will always be so much more to someone than the big picture s/he exposes (or hides, for that matter). 

To tell the truth, I believe one cannot even talk about a "big picture" in regards to characterizing someone. Indeed, when it comes to people, it is common that one also relies on that person's reputation when s/he attempts to paint his/her picture. Thus, many think they know it all. It is a mistake -- even unfair -- to act this way because one sincerely needs to dig deeper in order to get to know or judge someone. One should be sharp-eyed, one should try to notice the less striking assets, one should turn his eyes "away" from the big picture and as an alternative, show more interest in the inner surroundings. There are details one would fall in love with and of course, some that will not please -- but characteristics are key figures and nobody has the right to judge a person based solely on so-called bad details. Once again, I am assured that all facets are extremely important -- not so that one could eventually paint a near-perfect picture of a person, but so that people must grasp that , in reality, there is no such thing as reputation -- whether good or bad. It is only as real as one wants it to be: in the end, one should not even bother or care about his/her "big picture" as much as people tend to do nowadays. People are not big pictures, they are details. Finally, I know that each person is a masterpiece: one must not forget that this work of art tells a story, a great one, that includes qualities as well as flaws -- and one must take the time because exploring those details is truly far more interesting than looking at the big picture as a whole. 

In conclusion, I cannot deny that, in a number of situations, it is much better -- easier and faster -- to look at the big picture instead of putting emphasis on little details: one does get a good overview. But to really appreciate beauty or become more tolerant towards others and also oneself, one must indeed pay attention to the details that assist to the magnum opus -- whether we're talking about a scenery, a feeling, a moment and in particular, a person. In the end, big pictures are made but of thousand details: little ones, perfect ones, terrible ones, most of them are important, some a little less and others  may require a magnifying glass... But this is all up to you to explore and you do not want to miss a thing. So why not look into details for a change?


Sometimes, people come into your life not because you want them to, but because you need them to.

"Every path is the right path"

At times, you don't need to take another route. You just got to go back to your initial plan.