Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Calling it soulsexuality!

Summer is the best of seasons: long days, chilling in parks, getting a tan by the water and eating mountains of ice-cream are just a few of this season's hot activities. As the sun shines brighter, so do our auras:  people are out, people feel more sexy, people meet, people flirt... and people get the taste of that loving feeling!

Oh yes, that feeling! Your heart starts to pounder and your knees begin to tremble. The feeling where you can sense that this mutual attraction goes beyond appearances. It doesn't look at skin color. It doesn't look at the wallet. It doesn't look at religion. It doesn't look at political views. Moreover, that intense emotion for this very unique individual doesn't even look at... SEX AND GENDER??!! Hmm... Are you thinking it through? I definitely am.

As plus and minus attract, so do plus and plus (and minus and minus, haha!). Love means to be completely compatible with the other soul, in every non-boundaries-filled way that exists. But if love only matters when it looks above and beyond, when does it take that certain factor in consideration? When is love all about sex?

Heterosexuality. Homosexuality. Bisexuality. In today's society, gender preference is still one of the most discussed topics. Homosexuality remains connected with the high rate of AIDS in the world and persists as much of a taboo. The fight for social acceptance and tolerance is an ongoing process. But it has also evolved quite a lot:  some cultures grow to be more tolerant, countries such as Finland and Spain allow same gender-partnership/marriages. 

On another note, the curious woman that I am has always wondered about another aspect of sexual orientation. Although research in genetics tried to find reasons for sexual preference; the subject of sexuality is still quite the mystery: you are gay, I am not. HOW? In addtion, my confusion persists as it is also often highlighted that heterosexuals can turn out to be gay; but why isn't it also taken into account that gays can turn out not to be that homosexual after all? So what's the deal: gay? straight? strictly gay? strictly straight? or simply always soulsexual? Let's talk about sex, baby!

Love is blind is a misconception because it definitely has eyes: reality needs love to look at your very plus and your very minus. Fact implies that you can fall for the worst possible person you could ever fall for, taking as an example that you never appreciated blonds, brunettes or green-headed before, but you end up finding that great connection with this one. It was improbable, but it happened! Yet when it comes to that specific characteristic i.e. sex and gender, it is a whole different story. I believe that you can become very attached to a person, whether he/she is your opposite sex or not. Yet [and excuse me if it appears in poor taste... I mean no offense], you are only going to fall in love and have a so-called full-blown relationship with this individual if you can "accept" him/her sexually. Because if you do not -- or the more accurate term would be you cannot -- experience fireworks during sex, you being straigt, bisexual or gay, then where is this story going? Suddenly, all these questions were just answered. 

The conclusion is that no matter the gender preference, and I guess it will remain a mystery forever, more relevant is soulsexuality: you'd be gay and ought to be soulsexual, you'd be straight and ought to be soulsexual, you'd be bisexual and also soulsexually searching. Truly only the connection with THE PERSON matters i.e. soulsexuality: if you're not sexually satisfied or incapable of experiencing intense sexual sentiments with this person anyway, I don't reckon there will be such a lovely future, because in the end, fireworks do matter. Love does look beyond and above appearances, but sex has got to be soulsexually satisfying. It's just too bad that no one ever really admits to it. Love who you want and have sex soulsexually: "Love is a matter of chemistry, sex is a matter of physics" (Author unknown); and you need both.