Friday, May 27, 2011

Choose your destiny / Destiny chooses [for] you

We live in a society today where every single one of us is pushed to believe that we are always in a position to make our own choices. For instance, many of our elders have assured us that we can do anything when it comes to pursuing our dreams. “I want to become a doctor! I can open my own restaurant! I wish to raise a family in the suburbs! I even aspire to land on the moon one day!” The key to success happens when we take a stand and work for it. As a matter of fact, we come to realize that every step we take is always defined by that crucial moment where we are to make a choice, whether it is for our own well-being or our contribution to others. It is up to us: what to believe, who to vote, where to live, what to eat and how to change! And finally, throughout the years, there will always be situations where we need to choose between right and wrong.

And as we may look back, we all know that the different experiences we’ve had and sweat through brought the best lessons with them, whether we made mistakes, accumulated trophies or just tried with all our heart! Life has taught us that the person we eventually become is the result of the many decisions we’ve taken, or even chose not to. Where and who we are today… well, maybe it was all destiny.

Destiny… Destiny… Destiny… Why do I mention destiny?

Suddenly, this thought got me all confused as it occurred to me that choice is the complete opposite of destiny. When I think about this particular subject, I remember how we tend to associate destiny to finding true love or when unfortunate happenings occur. “We happen to be at the right place, at the right time (or the opposite)" and "why me?” If we had taken a different turn at one point in our life, would we be the same person that we are today? If we had gone that road instead of this one, would we be crying instead of smiling right now? If you weren’t meant to be there that day, would we have ever met? What makes a bigger difference… the choices we make or destiny that brought us here?

I don’t believe these questions are about regrets or wishful thinking, but it’s still a funny thing to maybe imagine how our own life could/would have turned out if.... We all know about those life-changing choices: Don't we all agree that life -- and definitely God -- sometimes has quite the sense of humor? All I know is that the fruit of satisfaction is to acknowledge every single gift we receive, and that we have worked for. Thank God we have choices! Thank God we also have surprises! And praise God that when we lack the confidence to make a decision, He never fails to guide us!