Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love art

Turning the ordinary into art
They perceive things with a creative heart
When a piece is incomprehensible
To a few, its purpose is logical.

Artists are known to exude a strange side
They hardly ever follow the high tide
And who would want it any other way
On their terms, they do the most of their day.

Living in their own world with rules they set
Go the distance, never to be stranded
As soon as they begin, they cannot stop
Feelings overwhelm, takes them to the top.

At times, such inspiration becomes rare
Overanalyzing is just not fair
Some will get mad at their own creations
Because of their search for small perfections.

Capturing a moment like they do now
Opportunities they should not pass by
They will look back because it was divine
Who ever said that we can't create time?