Monday, May 16, 2011


It is not Herculean to disappear,
Repel all the strong feelings that appear.
You're at the summit or in the gutter,
None of that sticks, you're numb whatsoever:
Entirely immune to bitterness;
New journey trying out being fearless.

Cured injuries that left hideous scars,
Love-hate relationship in your memoirs:
Don't want to go on living without them,
And yet you cannot stand the sight of them.
Solace in the fact that it pains no more,
Vexed because balance was never restored.

You deal with a constant oxymoron;
You alone create this little moron.
At length, cannot get out of your own way,
Exhausting having your thoughts on replay.
Done with being neurotic; done grumbling;
Sky high, downfall, indifferent's becoming.