Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Ibiza "myth"

Ibiza is commonly known as the 'best party island on the planet' and I was blessed to experience the magic for the first time in the late summer of 2008. It is not a myth when people say you haven't truly partied until you have been to Ibiza: I have tasted the nightlife in a lot of places around the globe but nothing comes close to that mystical island in Spain. One of the biggest -- and best clubs -- in Ibiza (or the earth), Space, is opening tonight. Although, in my wildest dreams, I wish I was there right now to enjoy all the openings, priorities undoubtedly come first. But looking at the bright side, I am already overly excited for August since that is when I'll get to see my favorite island again. 

I have been asked why I am so addicted to Ibiza quite a number of times, and in all honesty, the only answer I can give is that it frankly has got the best parties ever. Electronic music, dancing and just the nightlife itself play such an important role in my life: it is one of those activities I not only enjoy immensely but moreover, I need it in my routine. It relaxes me, it also helps me get my mind off things, it's my number one way to have a blast and I just adore shaking it on the dance floor. It's not just a hobby or only occasional night-outs, but it's a lifestyle I've wholeheartedly adopted. Furthermore, I want (and try to deserve) Ibiza every summer. It is the cherry on my cake!

Everyone who loves to stay up all night and live like there is no tomorrow will fall in love with Ibiza, even if one's music preference is not house or techno. But evidently, it is even better when electronic music is your cup of tea. There is an insane yet at the same time, pure and serene atmosphere out there: the island is lovely but it's really more about the people who are just so motivated. It's impossible not to get overwhelmed by the 'harmonious' and crazy mood. On a side note, I want to once again comment on the general misconception about Ibiza, which I have heard one too many times. Ibiza is known for all the drugs circulating (and in truth, there are a lot out there!); but there are millions of other people -- including myself -- who do not need drugs in their system to have a great time or become 'happy'. I've never agreed with generalizations and I'm not going to start now. I do indeed live for that kind of music and I do not look for drugs to appreciate electronic music. "Oh Nicole, you love techno? Need cocaine or ecstasy?" Thanks, but no thanks. The music is my only drug! Once more, there is no pointing fingers here, I am simply tired of such comments and it's my viewpoint on the 'drug issue in Ibiza.'

Coming back to the subject though, party animals will adore Ibiza because it is some sort of heterotopia (which, compared to utopia, is a real location). Ibiza is an exquisitely happy place where you can only get carried away; but it is a 'surreal', occasional counter-site since the party mood is unique only to the summer season. It's unfortunate, and unfair actually, to those who don't know the island; because even how much you want to explain what awaits people in Ibiza, you really need have been there to fully describe it. I've heard how great Ibiza was so many times beforehand; and when I found out I was finally flying there, I was sure it would be awesome. But, sincerely, it was so much better. Speaking from experience, Ibiza is beyond your imagination. The ones who have gone will recognize each other immediately and there is no need for words: only a look into each other's eyes, sharing one of those 'naughty' grins and you will understand your respective feelings for Ibiza. You have a common thought: isn't it the best fucking island ever? It definitely is. And that is why I urge people to 'become one of us' and book your next flights right away.

Lastly but most importantly, more than being the best party place on earth, Ibiza is simply heaven for electronic music lovers like me. The 'crème de la crème' i.e. the best DJs in the universe gather in Ibiza for the summer; and I can't wait to dance to the new releases and remixes! The more electronic music brings you to a higher (once again, no need to get really 'high') level, the more you feel the power and love deep inside. There's something for everyone: whether you like it funky or fancy the 'boom, boom, boom' better, Ibiza offers the best tunes in the market. Of course, like any genre of music, there are obvious differences in electronic music: there is house, tech-house, deep house, disco house, progressive house, tribal house and so much more; I, for instance, enjoy minimal techno the best. What is Ibiza? How is Ibiza? Why do I love Ibiza so much? Well...

Once you've been to Ibiza, you spend a whole year talking about your unforgettable time in Ibiza... Until it's finally time to go back to the fucking island.

"It is time to unite." -Tiefschwarz 
The season has finally begun. Happy 2012 opening, Ibiza! ♥