Monday, May 9, 2011


Before we met, high walls around my heart
Conscious of the risks of an open heart
Protecting myself from harm and deceit
True to form, getting hurt was a habit.

   I let my guard down, looked into your eyes
   Didn't know what I would find but I tried
   A version of the truth was desires
   For a second there, confusion arised.

I was brought back to earth when I recalled
The reason why I do not get involved
I do not trust myself with anyone
Intangible, my seat-belt, I fasten.

But it is the authentic me you saw.
Then, like child allergic to cookie dough
Keeping it simple, always a hassle;
Tasted romance and so I lost control.

I said things in the heat of the moment
The masochist likes her arrow broken
A version of the lie is that I care
Now a pseudo strain I'm supposed to bear.

After we met, the high walls from the start
Still quite intact, bruised knees were just a part
Not reciprocated and keep distance,
Only fin'amor applauds the absence.