Monday, May 9, 2011

Silent friend

Hey, are you doing it on purpose?
You and I, we've always been so close
Now you are just keeping me hanging
Enough already, it's unnerving.

I grasp that you are infuriated
But what you are putting me through, mate
It's not right anymore. You relish
My ordeal, is it me you banish?

You promised me, we will get to talk
Your one-liners can go for a walk
No more excuses, give me reasons
Try me, I can handle the big guns.

Only because of that, we're like this
Think carefully about all of this
Worth your silence, worth my agony?
How could I know, you won't talk to me.

Lapse in judgment, okay, crystal clear;
But don't you think I've shed enough tears?
Patience is a virtue, people say.
But there's a boiling point, if I may.

I'll grieve if we're not friends anymore
But at least, I'll finally be sure
You spoke to me and I will accept
Fire of our friendship soon unlit?