Sunday, April 28, 2013

Do not bother

Not everything
Has a reason
Not everything
Needs an

Why mull over
Analyze over and over
When possibly
Things really do
Just happen
With conclusively
Nothing further

Not a wandering mind
Not a wondering heart
That has to examine
In pursuit of

Then take them
As they come
Empty words
With no substance

Listen carefully
I will say it only once
The truth in its entity

Things do not 
Just happen
For us
For the idea
Of us
Is still bound
To the past
We want it
Or not

So if there is no essence
In these exchanges

Do not bother
Showing up
If there is not
The slightest hint
That there is
A comeback.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Do not tell me
It does not exist
Do not dare me
To cease

To dream

I have seen Paradise
From above
Now right before my eyes
I fall in love

A kind of blue
That is unreal
A moment so pure
Only happy hearts can feel

Leaving footprints
In the sand
I deem
We are one with the sun

Dear Paradise
That is ours
Dear Muriel and Remy
That made it ours

We leave
But not unchanged

Paradise Island

On your shores,
Our love for you
Forevermore remains.