Monday, September 22, 2014

Bounce back

Picking up
Where I left off
Back on a pattern
I am not even sure works
Still I stand here tall
A titillating thought
That yet another shot
The nth time might work.

The premise vacillates
Between what is felt
And how I judge it

What could be different
Will it finally be
If what has changed
Is me?

What only life
Can teach
What experience alone
Will reach
To bounce back
Is not always to start anew
But the chance to continue
And stick it out
Especially when full of doubt.

It is a comeback or not
All I have to do is
Show up

Back on the old road
Filled with a new hope.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Looking at me

I catch you
Looking at me
What do you perceive
It is rapture
That you read
I spot my reflection
In the eyes of this baby
And as he grins
What can he
Possibly think
But I, I am certain
Of what I seize
When I look at him
The purity is
I could bathe in it
And my only plea
To succumb to it
May his innocence
-- Even a fragment
Rub off on me
Because he inspires me
To see and feel
With the virtuous eyes
Of a newborn baby.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Write again

I want to write again
I want to feel
Like I did back then
When my day depended
On the words I had chosen
-- The life I put
In my poems

I want to write again
I want to feel
The thrill of the pen
The delight that rushes through my veins
When the right words blend
The pain I endure
Once my thoughts
No longer make sense

I am exhilarated
When I start
Scribbling on paper
My heart at peace
As soon as I polish it
On my typewriter

I write again
I write
Like nothing ever happened
Like not a thing prevented me
Months at an end

I write again

I write
Because it is who I am
Because in time,
I always return
To my essence
-- That in the end,
Nothing feels quite right
Unless I am writing.