Sunday, October 30, 2011

A million questions

Help me understand
Did I lose this hand?
Where did it go wrong?
Been patient so long

Help me get it right
Are we not alright?
Why are you so mean?
You were more than keen

Leaving me hanging
What's up with this thing?
Are there more reasons?
Hitting my buttons

Leaving me wondering
What am I missing?
And are you that vain?
You have to explain

I am still waiting
Why am I clinging?
Will you be a dear?
Nothing's crystal clear

I am still asking
Are you listening?
Are you worth a dime?
A waste of my time

You got me puzzled
Is it all canceled?
Why make it so hard?
Yes you disregard

You got me confused
Aren't you amused?
So is this the end?
Don't get what happened...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Drunk dialing

Calling you at this ungodly hour
Almost certain that you will be bothered
Apologizing for my drunken state
I guess this is how my feelings translate.

There's no way in hell I would have done this
In broad daylight, try not to reminisce
But what cold breeze on this dark autumn night
Slightly emotional after midnight.

Perhaps I had a little more to drink
Normally, my sorrows I do not sink
Although drunk dialing is not so smart
The truth is I am pouring out my heart.

Wanted to hear your voice right about now
Even if tomorrow, I'll raise an eyebrow
Aware that this is pretty much absurd
Barely coherent, I'm fairly hammered.

Miss you more than I will ever admit
It is like there's a hole in my spirit
You're still everything that I desire
The one that sets my heart on ice and fire.

I called you at this ungodly hour
Absolutely sure that you are bothered
Forgive me for my vulnerable state
Lost my heart and my mind, I can't locate.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Real masks

Putting on a mask is routine
Every day is Halloween
This flawless smile will mislead you
False tears have ways to seduce, too

When are you really being real
Honest about feeling what you feel
Is there somebody here to please
Setting, for you, boundaries

Society you cannot outsmart
Costumes are an integral part
Easier to be someone else
A personality that sells

In an alternate universe
Masks and sincere feelings diverge
What you see is what you will get
There is nothing there to simulate

When you are really being real
Honest about feeling what you feel
There is nobody but you to please
Lets you be without boundaries

Poison will eat you from within
If living in another skin
Real masks are not a solution
Rather scorned than an illusion

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some stories

Some love stories cannot stand on their own
All those nights I was waiting by the phone
For things that were unlikely to happen
Still, there I was wondering without end.

Some love stories need the hurdles and pain
All those days when I was going insane
Put pieces together that didn't fit
Still hoping that I was in for a treat.

Some love stories are this rapturous thing
All this time, loving him and suffering
But he's the sunrise that makes my heart sing
Still here, not trading him for anything.

Some love stories cannot stand on their own
They require the hurdles and the pain
The impossibility of it all
To be this beautiful, rapturous thing. 

Monday, October 24, 2011


 You know you are in love when you cannot explain why.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I thought you would understand

Nothing worse than still judging a book by its cover,
even after you've read it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Not given

Life is really good, especially when you don't realize it is.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The beginning of things

You only liked the beginning of things,
When getting a call sent your heart racing
And the dates were less than predictable
A few days apart were hard to handle

We would be the best version of ourselves
Our conversations were rich and honest
Didn't mind kissing until the wee hours
Then, you would still surprise me with flowers

A time we were so afraid to fall short
Both you and I would put in the effort
We did not take a moment for granted
It was love in all its glory, splendid

    And all of a sudden, we stopped caring
    It was too familiar for our liking
    We were past the infatuation phase
    Realizing a love so sure betrays
    You only loved the beginning of things,
    When there was no jealousy or crying
    So we started to count our shortcomings
    When did the real thing become frightening?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


In my melting pot
Everyone has his slot
Some are like sugar in my coffee
Some make life a little more spicy

The days we spend together
Those adventures that brought us closer
You got that extra something
And talking to you became my thing

Whether I've met you only twice
Or have given me lifelong advice
I'm the kind that will value
In difficult times, I'll see us through

I won't forget the details of your face
No one ever leaves without a trace 
People are my greatest inspiration
Without each other, we cannot function

We all have a role to play
I'm keen on meeting you halfway
This is what you've done to me
Soul food I crave regularly

 Every relationship is fruitful

People manage to bring you back
When they've seen you go off track
People remind you who you used to be
And salute you when you've achieved so greatly
People who stay though seasons change
Love you even when you're acting strange

Never really far away
I am not going to let us go astray
You might be in a crowded space
But in my heart, you'll always have a place.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Where's Waldo? was the game we used to play
Different setting each time, still the same chase
An impossible task to find a way
When my sole desire was to see your face.

It took us a while to reach this level
Like two angry birds who kept on failing
We couldn't overcome our obstacles
Until we found tricks to break the pattern.

The road to here was a little bumpy
So glad we're now more like Tom and Jerry
Catching you is not a small victory
We get to tease each other constantly.

I'm Lois Lane who got her Superman
Testing us allowed our bond to deepen
Never felt safer than in these strong arms
After troubled times came the happy end.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's you I see

Right here, right now
Turned into a flamingo 
That can fly
Standing in the middle 
Of a bridge, so high,
And I, so little...
With an open heart
I embrace nature
It's my soul you nurture

Beautiful days are felt on the inside
I'm whole again, it's you I see outside
Perfect, flawless face in the clouds
My love for you, I scream out loud

It will echo
In the mountains
Live on forever
Like a fountain
Through good and storm
Only you
Can keep me warm
Never far apart,
My morning thought, you start

Beautiful days are felt on the inside
I'm whole again, it's you I see outside
Perfect, flawless face in the clouds
My love for you, I scream out loud

Oh wonders surround me
Oh wonders within me
It's you I see
It's you I see