Tuesday, October 11, 2011


In my melting pot
Everyone has his slot
Some are like sugar in my coffee
Some make life a little more spicy

The days we spend together
Those adventures that brought us closer
You got that extra something
And talking to you became my thing

Whether I've met you only twice
Or have given me lifelong advice
I'm the kind that will value
In difficult times, I'll see us through

I won't forget the details of your face
No one ever leaves without a trace 
People are my greatest inspiration
Without each other, we cannot function

We all have a role to play
I'm keen on meeting you halfway
This is what you've done to me
Soul food I crave regularly

 Every relationship is fruitful

People manage to bring you back
When they've seen you go off track
People remind you who you used to be
And salute you when you've achieved so greatly
People who stay though seasons change
Love you even when you're acting strange

Never really far away
I am not going to let us go astray
You might be in a crowded space
But in my heart, you'll always have a place.