Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The beginning of things

You only liked the beginning of things,
When getting a call sent your heart racing
And the dates were less than predictable
A few days apart were hard to handle

We would be the best version of ourselves
Our conversations were rich and honest
Didn't mind kissing until the wee hours
Then, you would still surprise me with flowers

A time we were so afraid to fall short
Both you and I would put in the effort
We did not take a moment for granted
It was love in all its glory, splendid

    And all of a sudden, we stopped caring
    It was too familiar for our liking
    We were past the infatuation phase
    Realizing a love so sure betrays
    You only loved the beginning of things,
    When there was no jealousy or crying
    So we started to count our shortcomings
    When did the real thing become frightening?