Sunday, October 30, 2011

A million questions

Help me understand
Did I lose this hand?
Where did it go wrong?
Been patient so long

Help me get it right
Are we not alright?
Why are you so mean?
You were more than keen

Leaving me hanging
What's up with this thing?
Are there more reasons?
Hitting my buttons

Leaving me wondering
What am I missing?
And are you that vain?
You have to explain

I am still waiting
Why am I clinging?
Will you be a dear?
Nothing's crystal clear

I am still asking
Are you listening?
Are you worth a dime?
A waste of my time

You got me puzzled
Is it all canceled?
Why make it so hard?
Yes you disregard

You got me confused
Aren't you amused?
So is this the end?
Don't get what happened...