Friday, March 25, 2011

Rhythm of the day

The sunset was just minutes ago
Next thing I know
First rays of light through my window
In your arms, I get lost in the moment
In your embrace, hypnotized by your scent.

Day turns to night, or the other way around
Only smirks as we jazz around
It all belongs to you, to you I am bound
In your smile, I sense something real
In your laughter, something genuine revealed.

Breakfast at midnight, dinner at noon
The sun outside, I only see the moon
Stars aligned, it's how you make me swoon.
In your eyes, the reflection of my happiness
In your gaze, my soul you possess.

Seems like time ceased to exist for me
Us in a nutshell; couldn't be more free 
The talks, the kisses, the works, really
With you, it's very sincere, yet so surreal.
With you, this heart of stone is healed.