Wednesday, April 6, 2011


If someone were looking
I'm sure he would have seen,
My heart was admiring
A very handsome man
And a woman in heels.
They crossed paths right out front,
I noticed her white teeth
A spark in his dark eyes.
Did they know each other?
It didn't seem the case --
Just faces in a crowd.
Through their genuine smile
Their morning was brightened
And truly, so was mine.
The man went to the right,
She went the other way
Will not see them again,
Just two complete strangers
Continue with their day.
Will not see them again,
But it's an episode
I am not to neglect.
It's the ordinary
So trivial, banal -- a
Mundane situation.
But this moment sufficed,
Was just a split second
A life lesson attached.

Exchange smiles every day
With a stranger or friend.
Trust this, it can trigger
A wave of happiness.
Everything nice starts now
In your daily routine
Actions without remorse
A smile will open doors.
Human relationships
Subtle, yet essential.
It begins with a smile
It goes the extra mile.
A day can be brightened
Like mine was, and yours will.
Exchange smiles every day
And you'll get to see
        Beauty in the ordinary
        Sublime in its simplicity.