Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hanging in my closet

I see the dress hanging in my closet
Brings me back to the day you I and met
A series of images reappear
I even remember how the clouds moved
It seems like magic happened yesterday
All over now, the dark days quickly came.

I can't bring myself to wear it again
Dare not toss it away, at any cost
Just hanging in the closet, left to dust
Awaits the hour to see light again.

The way you stared at it, clear in my head
And your compliment, sweet words that you said
Emotions so strong instantly appeared
You knew exactly that I would be wooed
Never felt sexier than on that day
I try it on now, it's just not the same.

Can't wear this dress in broad daylight again
I do want to throw it away, at all cost
Yet I know I'll leave it there, left to dust
Waiting in the dark 'til we meet again.