Tuesday, March 26, 2013


She will wear
Jeans with holes
She will swear
If one annoys
She will flaunt
Her blow dried hair
Which she took
An hour
To prepare

She will fight 
You with fists
She will not
Be intimidated 
When there is
A feast
Her favorite film
Is Scarface
She will shed
A tear
When a hero
Falls from grace

She will drink
The bottle of wine
She will work out
To keep her line
She loves looking
Like a a doll
She will beat
You at football
Her cute quirks
Will amaze
And her underwear
Is always lace

A woman
With a girly
A woman
Whom guys
Can call dude
She is not
She is both
The girl next door
And one
They at times

You will
Try to fit her
In a box
But why
Would you ever
To tame a fox