Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweetest taste of sin

As it goes for the majority of women; I, too, am crazy about shopping. Shoes, bags, clothes, make-up, jewelery, electronics, music&film, souvenirs, decoration, books… SHOES, BAGS, CLOTHES… Need I say more? Crazy about shopping! I enjoy as much as looking around as looking for “…” as trying everything on as gift-hunting! To each its own occasion.

A favorite pass time indeed.

I think it is great especially because every mood goes with the shopping spree. When I am feeling blue and want things to be kept off my mind, I head to the shops and 99,99% of the time, I do not go empty-handed. When I am feeling really happy, especially on special I-deserve-a-treat-days, I also head to the shops and 100% of the time, I do not leave empty-handed. When I am in no particular mood -- which implies no intention of buying whatsoever --, I end up always asking myself why I get home not empty-handed. Actually, thus being said, I wonder if there has ever been a time I went home empty-handed. Hmm….Never? Once in a thousand years? Oh shame!!!!

Butthere is worse than being a devoted shopper:

What is worse than shopping "loose" is to be window shopping, i.e. knowing you are not to buy anything.

First groan of a crazy shopper: window shopping is a torture so do not even dare taking a look at anything because you will probably buy what you fancy anyway/eventually.

What is worse than heading to the shops on a regular basis is to shop on pay day.

Second groan of a crazy shopper: spending regularly sounds much better than being overly happy i.e. overly spending on just one day: the day you know exactly that you will see things more... beautifully.

What is worse than going insane when you can afford NOT to buy something (but still end up doing so) is when you really cannot afford to buy it.

Third groan of a crazy shopper: it is completely outrageous to get that "..." (because you don't really need it), but if you do not, you will regret it (forever) and spoil all the fun. 

What is worse than being a devoted shopper is being a crazy shopper
... coming up with this horrible list. Just dreadful haha! NOT TO BE taken seriously for this shopper, devoted and crazy, always knows how to rationalize.

But... But... But... Shoes, bags, clothes... Need I say more? Shopping is so good it should be illegal. And all know that anything above the law gives one the thrills. But at least, isn't shopping the sweetest taste of sin?