Friday, February 6, 2009

Read the sign

Every December one marks Worlds Aids Day, which is once again meant to raise awareness for the global AIDS issue caused by the spread of HIV. Yet I believe it to be relevant to reflect and mull over this devastating matter all-year round; because AIDS is still expanding (too) fast as I write these lines. And there is nothing more to it than to conclude that we are all aware of it  We are all afraid of it. We all know better. Don’t we? Then… Why still so many numbers every year when prevention / help is (almost) everywhere? I would guess: weakness. Is there progress? Someone may answer slight. And is there anything more we can do? Yes, I can ascertain that: we can understand opinions a little better. 

For instance, one of the questions which remains always stuck in my head is why a great number of people often seem to name the Vatican and its teachings to be one of the source(s) to why the whole situation has not been able to improve “gradually”? 

Indeed, many debate on why and how come the Vatican does not support and give the go! sign to CONDOMS... knowing that this method is still the only effective response today as a protection against AIDS and the trillions of other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (S.T.D.). It may surely appear immoral to many, even maybe very imprudent to be banishing condoms. And I fully understand this argument: thus remains a reality that it is much better to be having safe sex than to be reckless. Even just once. But I soon realized that this opposition against the use of condoms is yet for a deeper and more significant explanation. But as it seems, many pass right beside the point.

The Vatican is of course not content about the HIV/AIDS situation in the world today, but it is not by “allowing” it to be safe, easy or/and attainable that will have a bigger impact on progress. The solution lies in the main core of the problem. WHY is AIDS still stretching, spreading, multiplying? To some extent, I really do not reckon the problem to be only about having sex –- with who, how, when, etc --- evidently, to each his/her own! But it is about the even more revolting -- and sad -- fact that people simply abuse and do not take care of their body, when in fact it should be considered holy. 

It is not recklessness; it is pushing limits. Your body is your temple, and to abuse that gift is what the Vatican despises. Perhaps it will sound totally absurd, or I actually fathom the correct term would be utopian to be holy (or whole), but to be reminded of this certain belief can lead people to understand why the Vatican still and always will take a stand on this subject. The principle is that the Vatican does not disagree with “safe” sex i.e. the use of condoms (as it is often described); but they are actually banishing “unsafe” sex. They express their resentment over the current situation i.e. people being somewhat not careful enough with their body. I sense the difference. Do you? In my dreams and in yours, each day is hopefully a step forward.