Saturday, February 21, 2009

Once, forever

After spending almost three months in “away-from-the-clubs” hibernation (fyi: such a world record for me hehe…), returning to the nightlife made me once again realize how much I just love, love, luuuuuuurve to PARTY! I sincerely thought that the dancing might have become a little rusty with time haha! but if you have the party gene in you, well, it is like riding a bike. Having a good time with your mates at the bar, checking the scene out, sHaking it on the dancefloor until the break of dawn (and I’m not even mentioning the crazy after-party…), eating something extremely greasy yet so very delicious being a perfect way to end the night... And of course, immortalizing the splendid (and sometimes embarrassing haha!) moments are only a few highlights of an awesome, (un)forgettable night-out!

Having had the privilege to experience clubbing in many different countries, from the underground scene to getting fancy limo service, I must say that my love for partying was accentuated when I discovered HOUSE/ELECTRO/PROGRESSIVE HOUSE/TRIBAL HOUSE/DISCO HOUSE/DEEP HOUSE/TEK-HOUSE/MINIMAL TECH in Berlin back in April 2005! I fell in love with electronic music. The “TRESOR… SAGE CLUB… PANORAMA BAR” night-outs have a very special place in my life for it is at that moment that I got my certified CLUBBER diploma!

Although I am a music chameleon, and I enjoy listening and dancing to every genre of music, my preference and addiction will always be with electronic music, especially minimal-tech/house, because it simply, honestly, REALLY makes my heart beat faster! We got married, and it definitely did not need a prenup. *star* On a side note, there is a common misconception about electronic music lovers: it leads people to assume that only people on drugs can sincerely appreciate this kind of tunes and last that long on the dancefloor without eating or sleeping. I resent that prejudice: there are undoubtedly individuals who consume drugs on parties, but I am one of the millions who love to party to electronic music, who can last very long on the dancefloor without being on any of those drugs. One should get to know electronic music before understanding and growing to love it. Please take a look at the real deal, before concluding! Thus being said, I cannot wait to explore the capital of ELECTRO: IBIZA Summer 2008!! It is going to be a catastrophe (in a very good way haha!) I will then have my Ph.D., clubber degree! I can retire... Just kidding! I will never make excuses for living and adoring this lifestyle because, well, what can I say?

"Once a party girl... FOREVER a party girl !"