Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love and In Love

When we get to look back at our parents’ generation, LOVE, deep and unconditional, was once and forever lasting. You fall in love and love until the end!! Aww, isn’t it how it is supposed to happen ??!! [no answer needed haha!] But as we take a good look at our own little selves in this day and age, that LOVE, deep and unconditional, is… hmm… well, not quite that once and forever lasting (of course, generally speaking “Keep Hope Alive!” hehe...)

The definition of the One True LOVE doesn’t seem to have changed in the past decades though, since we still wish for it to then be a forever lasting commitment; but finding it might come not just once -in one go, the first time, only one try, with your one person-, but in different steps, lessons and timezones! As a result of such phenomenon, although the essence and our idea of “the special him” still rests in our hearts, do you not think that its way to it has maybe put LOVE on different levels? Is this perhaps the reason why some may complain about the fact that the word LOVE is misused? Finally, do you not reckon that to fall in love and to love - which used to be in one package, can somehow now be considered to be on different playgrounds? And if so… keeping the One love in mind, which of the following makes more sense?

You can love more than one time, but you fall in love only once!


You can fall in love more than one time, but you love only once!

After being confronted with this obviously weird question and be expected to choose between the two statements, I started to think thoroughly about it. And I must admit that I believed it would be relatively easy to give a straight answer since both sayings seem to have the same meaning, but as it appears, I then sensed the difference widen between to love and be in love with someone. Maybe it should only be a thread line separating the two (or even none at all!), but it has definitely left me a little confused. I guess it is a question of definitions. In love and to love: let me try?

I assume falling in love to be all about that fire burning inside as it hits like lightning! The palpitations and excitement ought to be getting out of control: a simple smile, touch, smell, sound, taste or even just the thought of this person is enough to make you go shouting yahoo! all over the place! Your knees are weak and your face is brightened! Absurd and childish you might appear, but all know it is only triggered by some sort of nervousness! As it is, this certain person gives you the thrill like no one.

But the thing about falling in love implies, in my opinion, the possibility of also falling out of love, sometimes as fast (or even faster) as the warm feeling was born. Often without even trying. Could that feeling ever be considered as love or was it really just plain infatuation?

To love is… the feeling that simply cannot be described! And to really love somebody is to know, respect and love him/her when he/she is at his/her best as well as when he/she is at his/her worst! Love is a future with a past, an evolution yet keeping the familiarity. Love can make you go beyond and above your limits as it truly gives you wings! You forgive and you change. You know about trying and chances. As it is, you will love this certain individual like no one.

But the thing about love is, in my opinion, to acknowledge and be aware of the high risks of an open heart. Of course this is meant to be positive! Even you can be surprised by the amount of energy, patience, sacrifice or simply love that can come out or be found in you! But in some cases, one can ask him/her-self: are you blinded by love or is this truly the real thing that is worth everything?

Oh LOVE!!! Perhaps the one sure thing is, throughout the ages, throughout the generations, you fall in love, just once. And you love until the end, only once. Everything before (almost) does not count. Boot camp.