Thursday, March 1, 2012

You had to ruin it

You had to ruin it
Come here and leave a print
Now every time I enter
All things are a reminder

It was my private space
Mine alone, in good and bad days
Where I was safe to be myself
Flaunting my weirdness on the shelf

But it wasn't an intrusion
It was all my own intention
I knew once I opened the door
These inhibitions tossed on the floor

Willingly letting you in my room
 Intoxicated with your perfume
And I beam every time I think back
To all my details, you're now attached

Since that night, not a day goes by
I am different since you came by
Yet more myself than I've ever been
My cocoon's yours since you've stepped in.

Now you have to keep it
Come back here and leave more prints
Because my room will feel empty
Because without you, I am just me