Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Small talk

What is obvious betwen the lines
Is this uncanny vibe
Between you and I.

You ought to remember,
Mid-small talk,
We used to be so fond of each other.

Today we talk like strangers,
As if our life had not capsized
Since those days are over.

Candidly asking how we are;
So we hyperbolize the lie
And I am curious:
How can standing so close feel so far?

I wish to intervene,
Say it is alright to want the air cleared
To unmask what is in between.

But I am not about to reveal
That my heart still palpitates
And missing you has been my horrific ordeal.

After our brief encounter,
With hearts left unspoken,
I will smile, Take care, and
                                      Enjoy the sunny weather!