Monday, March 12, 2012

Farewell, former self

Had the dream
One lifetime ago
Of becoming someone
I know I'll never become
It was the battle of my life
Regardless of my sighs
Hanging to a thread
Holding on to all I ever wanted.
Life happens
And so do
Though God's plans are bigger
Mine felt similar.
 I struggled so much
But it was never enough
And I bid farewell
A long time ago
To a dream
That I couldn't let go.
It aches me 
Even if I made my peace
At times, I still find myself 
Exchanging blows with 
My former self.
Though thrilled to be where
I am now
When time warps
I wonder how it could have been
If my story would be
Does anyone ever find out
Why things happen 
For a reason?
God's plans are bigger
But mine felt similar
So I try to find 
Each time I am thrown back
The solace in my heart
Live both lives with no regrets 
Because I know I gave it my best.