Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Behind every joke

I am not the kind to hold a grudge
Especially if I know on some level
It is a bullet I am supposed to dodge

You were probably joking
So it is weird for me to insist
That your words were upsetting

Maybe I am reading too much into this
But were you not just pointing out
That bits and pieces of me are a tease

I would understand if others bantered
But coming from you, my friend
On this subject, your attitude tortured

Not very fond of sarcasm
And making me an object of ridicule
Specially from you, is so seldom

Pardon me if I snapped
For the damage that it caused me
Is something I cannot drop

It stings because it is you
For behind every joke
There's a tad bit truth

Now I muse on what is worse
That I think you meant it
Or you do not realize it hurts.