Monday, May 31, 2010

The Coffee Society

  • Let's meet up for coffee?
  • On va se prendre un petit café?
  • Zeit für einen Kaffe?
  • Prendiamo il cafe?
  • Fika?
  • Kape muna tayo?
  • Vil du ha en kafe?
  • ............................. ?

As this suggestion can be translated in all the different languages, not only do we understand why the coffee culture is a timeless phenomenon; but we get to realize that it is also one of those things we can consider "spaceLESS" - a custom which all nations/people seem to like having in common. From the traditional black coffee to the hip caramel macchiato (of course never forgetting some of those lovely pastries accompanying our drinks), from Vienna to Manila passing by Capetown to Buenos Aires; our interest for "coffee time" -- or the more accurate term would be our enthusiasm for coffee get-togethers -- is why I proudly announce to be part of the coffee society... And adoring it.
It is weird to mull over it but don't you believe that many nice feelings occur in these spots without us even being truly conscious about it - and thus on a daily basis? Just the taste of this rich aroma is a wonder and appreciating it with a good read or the quotidian su-do-ku can be the highlight of one's day. Yet the coffee society is manifestly more than just the love for coffee, it is the people blending with it. The coffee break with colleagues grants us small but well-deserved 'victories' in our everyday, busy lives. One knows how blissful it is to have the 'usual" place to spend quality moments with friends and loved-ones. Meeting up for coffee after an eternity in order to catch up always sounds like a great idea. And do you remember that whimsical get-together? 
When I sometimes look back, I recall having defining encounters around the coffee table. Simply being in the company of .........! I remember those conversations that  mattered, that meant something, that changed days, opinions and even lives -- whether those talks were wanted or accidental, serious or easy-going! I can still see, smell and taste every single moment as it revives and sweetens my precious memory and/or presence of these unique individuals. I have influenced a few people and they have inspired me! I've been through hardcore laugh and have shed profound tears as well! In the end, it is always a delight to touch a life in the most basic way: by talking and by listening.
The coffee society then remains one of the best things that illustrate beauty in the ordinary. Indeed, we might regard it as absolutely normal, part of the routine and being without any particular importance whatsoever... and it certainly is! But we can ascertain that this natural product turned out to be the easiest yet most effective way to bring people together. It starts so small. It begins with you and me. Looking into each other's eyes... And God knows that having two persons intertwined has the possibility to trigger a bigger-than-life follow-through. Interacting, discussing, sharing, reaching out, enjoying and literally crashing into each other's lives -- is sight for sore eyes. And doesn't the coffee make the ride a little more tasty? Sure it does. Drink away.